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Medicilon assists LX-132 capsule, a new-targeted anti-tumor drug developed by Salustier Biosciences, successfully obtained clinical approval for a Class I new drug

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Medicilon assists LX-132 capsule, a new-targeted anti-tumor drug developed by Salustier Biosciences, successfully obtained clinical approval for a Class I new drug.webp

Recently, LX-132 capsules, a new generation of irreversible kinase inhibitor independently developed by Salustier Biosciences, received a drug clinical trial approval notice from the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).

As a long-term strategic partner of Salustier Biosciences, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) has provided a full set of preclinical research services for the research and development of LX-132, and has made every effort to promote the high-quality and efficient completion of the project.

A new generation of kinase covalent inhibitor LX-132 Providing new hope and options for first-generation patients with reversible drug resistance.

LX-132 is a new generation of kinase covalent inhibitors. The irreversible binding mechanism is particularly suitable for tyrosine kinase inhibitors that need to compete with high intracellular concentrations of ATP while maintaining selectivity among 500+ kinase family members.  LX-132 can inhibit the activation of target proteins at a high level for a long time, and can minimize any off-target side effects mediated by reversible inhibitors, which is more suitable for use in common combination treatments in oncology.

Preclinical data show that LX-132 is significantly better than already marketed drugs with the same target, especially in various gastric cancer models.  LX-132 has demonstrated excellent biological activity at the molecular, cellular and animal levels, with high safety and good druggability, and can provide new hope and options for patients with first-generation reversible drug resistance.  Therefore, this project has huge potential value in the development of new anti-tumor drugs.  The completed product of this project is expected to be launched in 2028, which can bring annual revenue of RMB 1-3 billion and create tax revenue of RMB 100-300 million.  The future prospects are broad and the market potential is considerable.

Medicilon One-Stop Preclinical R&D Service Platform
Comprehensive Empowerment and Acceleration of New Drug Research and Development

Through the sincere collaboration with Salustier Biosciences and the full collaboration between Medicilon’s multiple research teams responsible for APIs, preparations, biology, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, safety evaluation, and IND filing, Medicilon has integrated and closely connected all R&D stages and conducted efficient R&D, providing strong technical and time guarantee for the clinical approval of Salustier Biosciences' LX-132.

In addition to providing one-stop preclinical new drug research and development services such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, and preclinical research, Medicilon can also customize services according to client needs and provide specialized services for a certain aspect of preclinical research and development.  At present, Medicilon has helped more than 2,000 clients around the world embark on a high-quality, efficient and cost-effective dream-pursuing journey. Medicilon has also participated in the research and development of 385 new drug projects that have been approved for clinical use. (Data comes from Medicilon’s 2023 semi-annual report)

About Salustier Biosciences

Yueyi Gao, Chairman of Salustier Biosciences, focuses on the research and development of clinical high-value innovative drugs. He has deployed A number of internationally leading innovative drug projects have been deployed around oncology and ophthalmology, which are in short supply in clinical settings, and can meet tens of billions of clinical needs in the future.  The company strives to build an internationally leading targeted drug development platform and has established a technology platform with core independent intellectual property rights in target discovery, drug design and evaluation.  A market-competitive R&D pipeline has been formed, covering multiple Category 1 innovative drug projects including major national projects, and some products have entered the late clinical stage.  Salustier Biosciences maintains close strategic collaborative relationships with many well-known domestic universities, authoritative scientific research institutes and experts.  Salustier Biosciences is based in China, benchmarking internationally, and striving to become a world-class new drug creation company.

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