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Clients Testimonials

" Your team did a great job on this project, chemistry went smoothly, and compound completed ahead of schedule.

Thank you!

Kind Regards,

Curt "

Tyra Biosciences

" Thanks Jian for the update.

Kudos to you and your team who are working in this project and solved many challenges so far.


Ganapathy "

ReNAgade Therapeutics

" I just received some Her2 staining data back from the Calu-3, Calu-6, AN3CA, HCC1954, and BT474 models…. And here is the comment from our molecular pathologist .

FFPE blocks received from Medicilon were higher quality than blocks from any other CRO thus far.

No presence of over/under fixation, processed well (no dry edges, frayed tissue), excessive necrosis, samples were all uniform size.

The her2 staining was beautiful, and I wanted to share the above comment.

Thank you for your hard work and beautiful sections! "

" During the past several months, the NLR team led by Bin has done a great job to get building blocks synthesized, final compounds prepared, and chemistry developed. The team responded to challenges quickly and came up with ideas proactively. To recognize the outstanding contribution of the NLR team,  we would like to send a PTC jacket to each of the team members (including you as the leader). "
PTC Therapeutics

" HCW Biologics Inc (located in Miramar, Florida, USA) has been working with Medicilon since 2019 to conduct pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies on multiple recombinant protein products, we are very impressed with Medicilon team’s dedication and professionalism. We are also very happy with the high quality non-clinical data generated by Medicilon’s scientific team. "

HCW Biologics Inc.
" You have done a great work in the past year to help Regor achieve our goals. In recognition of this, we’d like to present you a trophy to express our gratitude for your excellent work."
Regor Therapeutic
" QUA greatly appreciate your team’s dedication, especially those coming to work on weekends to help us meeing our timeline."
" Proteovant would like to giveawards recognizing outstanding performance on our projects in 2022."
" Such dedication demonstrated by you and your team, that makes our collaboration fruitful, is highly valued and appreciated, particular during the time when pandemic affected everyone while you and your team still made great efforts to strengthen our collaboration.."