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Crystallization Methods

1, Evaporative crystallization
    The solvent is removed by evaporation and the solution is changed from unsaturated to saturated, and then the supersaturated solute is precipitated as crystals.

2, Cooling crystallization
    Cooling the solution to become a supersaturated solution 

    Applicable to the crystallization of a substance whose solubility decreases significantly with the decrease in temperature.

3, Recrystallization
    The process of recrystallizing crystals from a solution or melt after they have been dissolved in a solvent or melt. 

    Purification of the API 

4, Precipitation crystallization
    Rapid crystallization, a collective term for processes such as reaction crystallization and salt crystallization (including dissolution Solventing-out crystallization) 

    Supersaturation by liquid mixings, such as adding a third component, including precipitant, diluent, reactant, etc.