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What are the Six Major Types of Early DMPK Studies?

 (1) Protein binding: plasma, brain tissue, microsomal protein, FBS; Erythrocyte /plasma partition ratio

 (2) Optimization permeability and transshipment: Caco - 2. MDCK - MDR1 / BCRP, OATs/OCTs/OATPs

 (3) In vitro metabolic DDI: P450 inhibited TDI, P450 induced /PXR, metabolic enzyme phenotype.

 (4) Metabolic stability: microsomes, S9, hepatocytes, plasma, whole blood

 (5) Metabolite Screening and Identification: in vitro, in vivo, and GSH Trapping

 (6) In vivo PK: rat, mouse, dog, monkey, pig, rabbit box/single administration


--- Continuous cross/single point blood sampling

--- BBB(homogenate /CSF), Tissue distribution excretion (BDC), in vivo DDI (ABT)