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What are PK Characteristics of Monoclonal Antibodies and Small Molecule Drugs?

1, Traditional small molecule drugs 

  (1)Tissue penetration: Usually very good;

  (2)Binding: usually contains distributions;

  (3)Degradation: Metabolic degradation;

  (4)Renal elimination: Usually very important;

  (5)Free concentration: Small molecule drugs thought to play a role;

  (6)Pharmacokinetics: Usually linear: usually independent of pharmacodynamics.


2, Monoclonal antibody

  (1)Tissue penetration: Usually weak;

  (2)Binding: Usually includes clearance;

  (3)Degradation: Hydrolytic degradation of proteins;

  (4)Renal elimination: Rare;

  (5)Free concentration: thought to function + cause immunogenicity;

  (6)Pharmacokinetics: Usually nonlinear: usually dependent on pharmacodynamics and HAxA.