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What are the Ideal DMPK Properties?

(1) Complete absorption (passive absorption is better), bioavailability > 50% and small variation;

(2) AUC is proportional to dose, and PK/PD correlation is clear;

(3) Quickly reach the target organ and do not accumulate outside the target organ;

(4) PPB<90%, not affected by concentration and time;

(5) Plasma clearance CL<30%Qn, cleared through various routes;

(6) Age, race, gender, disease state, etc. have little effect on CL;

(7) metabolite quantity is low and no reactive metabolites are produced;

(8) Does not inhibit or induce major drug metabolizing enzymes and transporters, and is not affected by food; 

(9) T1/2>6hr in human body, which can reduce the dosing frequency and improve the compliance.