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Why Choose a Thermodynamically Stable Crystal Form for Development?

Without the influence of solvent and humidity, a polymorph which is thermodynamically stable at room temperature is the only stable form that is guaranteed not to convert to another polymorph.

The disadvantage of the thermodynamically stable form is that it is always the lowest solubility polycrystalline form and has the lowest potential bioavailability. However, in most cases, this is a small price to pay for the great advantage of absolute dynamic stability.

The solubility difference of various polymorphs is usually less than 2 times, but sometimes up to five times of difference can be observed. If there are several corresponding correlation forms and the transition temperature is near room temperature, the selection may be difficult.

Base on the standard of “the same for all solid forms” The dynamic of the interconversion of from and the reproducibility of consistently producing the same proportion of polymorphs are important.