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The 18th Shanghai International Forum on Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry Invitation

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The 18th Shanghai International Forum on Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Industry (Bio-Forum 2016) Seminar

China has been described as “Generic Drugs Country”, nearly 97% of Chinese pharmaceutical companies devote themselves to produce generic drugs. However, those companies are confronted with gradually increasing pressure. As it is required that higher quality and regulations of generic drugs are prescribed by CFDA to strengthen the drug safety in the market, the Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises are facing the fierce competition. It is very significant to adapt the changes and improve the level of generic research and innovation to develop generic quality conformance evaluation in the future.


The seminar, “The Opportunities and Challenges of Generic Drugs Under New Circumstances”, is hosted by Modern Biotechnology & Pharmaceutical Office of Shanghai Municipality and co-hosted by Shanghai Center of Biomedicine Development and Shanghai Medicilon Inc. has its opening on June 21at the Shanghai International Convention Center. The purpose of this seminar is to establish a platform for exchange and cooperation between the pharmaceutical colleagues, to share the abroad working experience of conformance evaluation, to deeply interpret the newly released regulations by CFDA and to discuss the problems that pharmaceutical companies are facing now in order to meet the opportunities and challenges of generic drugs under new circumstances.
Date & Time: 2016 June 21, 13:00-18:00
Address: Yangtze River Hall, Shanghai International Convention Center
(2727 Binjiang Ave, Pudong, Shanghai, China)

Bio-Forum Secretariat
Shanghai medicilon inc
June 2016

Guest introduction
Dr. Jiangbin Hu, Vice President of Huahai Pharmaceutical and Senior Vice President of Huahai Pharmaceutical (US), is currently leading the project of research and development of domestic generic drug in Huahai Pharmaceutical.  Prior to Huahai Pharmaceutical, Dr. Hu served as the General Manager in USP-China, President of SAPA, medicine research and management level in multiple international leading corporations, such as Roche, Bayer, Novartis and etc.  Dr. Hu is also appointed as professor of Beijing University and Shanghai Jiaotong University.
Dr. Guodong Li, Vice President of CMC of Shanghai Medicilon Inc. Dr. Li graduated as Doctor of Pharmacy from Second Military Medical Universityand had approximately 20 years teaching experiences in pharmacyand scientific research.  Dr. Li served as the Vice President and Chief Engineer in BIOASIA Pharmaceutical before joining Medicilon.
Dr. Lei Tang, Director of Scientific Affairs in Sanofi China and member of executive committee in SAPA, whoheld the PhD from Washington University, School of Medicine in St. Louis and Bachelor Degree from Beijing University.  Dr. Tang had worked in Sanofi for over 18 years, focusing on medicine discovery and development, in charge of global drug disposition project portfolio management and expertise in bioanalysis, biomarkers and its transformation.
Dr. Hao Wang, Dean of China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry, Vice-Chairman of Pharmaceutical Committee in Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, Chairman of Pharmaceutical Committee in Shanghai Pharmaceutical Association, member of pharmaceutical academic committee of the Chinese State Council, member of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, who is drug preparation expertise.His main duty is focusing on research and development of novel pharmaceutical preparation.
Dr. Jiansong Yang, General Manager of MOSIM Shanghai, subsidiary company of Tigermed, who graduated as Doctor of Clinical Pharmacokinetics from Sheffield University, UK and Bachelor Degree from School of Pharmacy, Shengyang Pharmaceutical University.  Dr. Yang worked in Simcyp UK and joined GSK China in 2009, responsible for clinical pharmacology.
Conference Agenda
13:30-13:40OpeningHost:Dr. Chunlin Chen
CEO, Shanghai Medicilon Inc.
Welcome Speech
13:40-14:15Topic Report 1:
The Interpretation and Operation Strategy Analysis of Domestic Generic Drug Policy
Shanghai Food and Drug Administration
14:15-14:50Topic Report 2:
The Risks and Countermeasures of Generic Drugs in Clinical BE Research
Dr. Jiansong Yang
Hangzhou Tigermed Consulting Co., Ltd
15:05-15:40Topic Report 3:
The Opportunities and Challenges of European Generics Drugs in China
Dr. Jiangbin Hu
Vice President of Huahai Pharmaceutical and Senior Vice President of Huahai Pharmaceutical (US)
15:40-16:25Topic Report 4:
FDA Requirement of CMC on Generic Drugs and Its Conformance Evaluation Studies
Dr. Guohua Zhang
CEO, Novast Holdings Ltd.
Generic R & D Strategy
Panelists To Be Invited:

Dr. Jiangbin Hu
VP of Huahai Pharmaceutical &SVP of Huahai Pharmaceutical (US)

Dr. Guodong Li, VP of CMC of Shanghai Medicilon Inc.

Dr. ShiwenLin,Director of CMC of Agenus

Dr. Lei Tang,Director of Scientific Affairs in Sanofi China

Dr. Hao Wang,Dean of China State Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry

Dr. Guohua Zhang,CEO, Novast Holdings Ltd.

Please click the below website to download the registration form.
Fill in the form and email the form to
Contact: Juan Xu, 86-21-5859-1500 x 8951
PS: Free Registration for the Seminar.  If you would like to participate the Bio-Forum 2016, please note in the registration form.  If you register the seminar successfully, you could enjoy the special price (CNY 1,800 / person) for the Bio-Forum 2016.
Shanghai Medicilon Inc.
Juan Xu
TEL 86-021-58591500-8951
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