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Meet Medicilon at SAPA-NE 25th Annual Conference

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SAPA-NE Banner1.jpgReady to meet Medicilon at SAPA-NE 25th Annual Conference?

This time, you can not only visit our table, but also focus the speech “Medicilon Strategy & 20 Years Experience for Dual Filing of IND to US FDA & China NMPA along with IPO at STAR Market” by our CEO, Dr. Chunlin Chen.

Chunlin Chen.pngThe theme of this year's conference is Poised to Pivot: Build Resilience in a Challenging Market, includes new industry trends in new drug research and development, AI pharmaceuticals, technological innovation, pharmaceutical investment, and regulatory oversight. We are happy to meet you in person to discuss how our services and capabilities in chemistry, biology, in vivo and in vitro animal models, IND filling would support your current research needs and expedite your drug discovery and development programs.

Meet with Medicilon
Subject丨25th SAPA-NE Annual Conference


SAPA-NE is one of the SAPA chapters based in New England, founded in 1998. Currently it serves more than 1,000 pharmaceutical/biotech professionals in the New England area and beyond. SAPA-NE Annual Conference is a great platform for industrial and academic leaders to share their knowledge, experiences, and viewpoints on science, technology, and business, by making a positive impact in the life science community.  In the past, the Annual Conferences typically drew hundreds of participants each year and this year’s Annual Conference will be the first in-person meeting since the Covid pandemics, and also marks the 25-year Anniversary of SAPA-NE.

About Medicilon

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), providing comprehensive one-stop new drug R&D services from ideal to pre-IND enabling stage for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world. We constantly develop new technology platform to grow with our global clients for their demanding for innovation and drug research. With our over 19 years experience in serving global pharmaceutical and novel drug discovery industries, we have built an integrated technical platform covering key technologies in small molecule and large molecuredrug discovery, in vivo and in vitro pharmacology research, and preclinical IND enabling research, to support drug research and development in today’s dynamic pharmaceutical  industry.

More Than 19 Years of Experience in New Drug R&D


Projects Successfully Approved with NMPA, FDA, EMA, and TGA

Active Clients Worldwide

New Drug Discovery Scientists and Service Personnel


Square Feet of Laboratory Floor Space

Global-leading New Molecule Types R&D Platform



PROTACs offer a fast and reversible chemical knock-down approach to control protein function. The impact of PROTAC platform has changed the landscape of drug discovery and development. Medicilon’s PROTAC drug discovery technology platform covers the currently popular target protein ligands. We have established a linker system with an extensive collection of bifunctional linkers. Together with our expanding E3 ubiquitin ligase binder library, we can efficiently synthesize a substantial amount of highly active PROTAC bispecific small molecules, which would have the potential to significantly facilitate ithe drug discovery and development process. In addition, Medicilon has established as well as improved the PROTAC biological screening and testing platform throughout the pre-clinical stages. Medicilon’s strong technical expertise and flexible service models allow individualized and customized projects ranging from sole chemical synthesis to in vitro and/or in vivo service, and to more comprehensive integrated package support.


In the formulation of ADC preclinical integrated research plan, Medicilon has in-depth communication with customers. The backbone of scientific research has combined the characteristics of each case with years of practical experience and technical accumulation, and carefully submitted high-quality experimental plans and results to customers. Up to now, Medicilon has undertaken more than 100 major IND application biopharmaceutical projects, including monoclonal antibodies, double antibodies, polyclonal antibodies, ADCs, viral vaccines and fusion proteins. As of the end of 2022, Medicilon has successfully assisted in the clinical approval of 11 ADC drugs and has multiple ADC projects under development.

Nucleic Acid Drug

Medicilon nucleic acid drug R&D platform provides an integrated and comprehensive solution that covers drug discovery, CMC and preclinical research services. Oriented with a rigorous scientific approach, an open-minded teamwork spirit and state-of-the-art equipment, our integrated solution will help clients and partners to fulfil their research and development mission for cutting-edge and innovative nucleic acid drugs. Our service platforms include nucleic acid drug discovery, screening and preclinical research services of pharmacology, DMPK and toxicity study for both pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions. Attributed by its fast and intuitive design of base sequences, the development of nucleic acid drugs is featured with simple materials, convenient preparation processes and affordable production costs, which will greatly shorten the drug development cycle, making it possible to customize individual treatment plans. Hence, it offers a feasible solution for rare diseases and other problems currently plagued.

Bispecific Antibody

With the development of bi-antibody technology, bi-antibody now presents a good development prospect. While major companies are deploying bi-antibody product research and development, they also pay great attention to what needs to be paid attention to and considered in the biological analysis of bi-antibody. Regulations and technical points. The Pharmaceutical Analysis Department of Medicilon Biotechnology is committed to tailoring Case by Case biological analysis methods for customers.


In the research and development of peptide drugs, the many characteristics of peptides have caused difficulties and challenges in the analysis process. In the analysis of peptide biotechnology drugs, Medicilon Biotechnology Drug Analysis Department flexibly uses ELISA, ECL, TRFIA, CLIA, IF, IP, CoIP, qPCR, FACS, ELISpot, enzymology and other methods to support cutting-edge biology Drugs such as proteins, antibodies (monoclonal antibodies, bi- or multispecific antibodies, antibody fragments), ADCs, peptides, nucleic acids, vaccines and cell gene therapy and other drugs in the early development, preclinical and clinical stages of PK/TK/Immunogenicity (Total ADA& Nab)/Biomarker&Cytokine and other research evaluation.

mRNA Vaccine Bioanalysis Platform

Medicilon has provided comprehensive support and services for the safety and effectiveness evaluation of various new drugs and vaccines, specifically the research of LNP-mRNA drugs and vaccines, accumulating rich experience. Hence we establish the bioanalysis platform for mRNA vaccines.

Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell & Gene therapy has developed rapidly in recent years, providing the possibility of curing many difficult-to-treat cancers. With the rapid development of gene transduction and gene modification technology, delivery vector system, cell culture technology and other fields, gene therapy has made a breakthrough, provide a better solution, concept and idea for intractable diseases (especially rare genetic diseases). Medicilon has established a one-stop research platform for the preclinical R&D of cell & gene immunotherapies, covering a variety of immunotherapy methods including CAR-T, TCR-T and CAR-NK. Using a wealth of animal models and a variety of advanced analysis techniques, comprehensively considering the characteristics of different research projects, Medicilon has completed multiple preclinical projects for clients worldwide.

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