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Join Medicilon at the 2022 APA (Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis) Conference

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We are excited to announce that Medicilon will exhibit at the 2022 APA (Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis) Conference from September 19-21 in Boston, MA. Please come and join the Medicilon team at Booth #7. We are happy to meet you in person to discuss how our services and capabilities can support your research and expedite your drug discovery and development activities. Our EVP of Pharmacy and CMC, Dr. Zhenrong Guo, will also be at the booth.

Date: September 19-21, 2022

Location: Boston, the US

Booth: 7

Drugs are a particular commodity, and the particularity of drugs is manifested in four aspects: safety, effectiveness, stability, and uniformity. The quality of medicines is related to people's medicine safety and health. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of drugs to ensure medicines' security, rationality, and effectiveness.

Drug analysis is an essential aspect of drug quality control. It uses physical, chemical, physicochemical, or biochemical methods and techniques to study chemically synthesized drugs and natural drugs with clear structures and their preparations, as well as traditional Chinese medicine preparations and biochemical preparations.

Drug analysis is an applied discipline to study the principles and methods of the composition, physical and chemical properties, authenticity identification, impurity inspection, and content determination of drugs and their preparations. It is an integral part of the field of pharmaceutical science, involving inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, Analytical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and other professional knowledge.

What is Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis  (APA)?

The "Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis" (APA) conference is a scientific meeting focused on applying analytical techniques and instrumentation in pharmaceutical research and development. The conference features presentations and posters on development methods, quality control, and bioanalytical practices. It brings together researchers, scientists, and industry professionals to share their latest findings and advancements in pharmaceutical analysis.

ABOUT Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis (APA) 2022

The Boston Society is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 as a forum to facilitate education, training, discussion, and scientific activities in support of drug discovery, development and allied topics. Membership in the Boston Society includes scientists involved in every area of research and development from academic, industrial, and governmental laboratories. Their interests include advancement of techniques and instrumentation, synthesis, and the full spectrum of activities necessary to discover and develop novel entities and technologies. The Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis 2022 conference will kick off on September 19, 2022 in Boston, USA, and will last three days, covering gene therapies, development of immunogenicity strategies, pharmacology and more. Medicilon USA team will be present throughout the whole process, we sincerely invite you to visit booth 7 for a chat!

Medicilon Drug Discovery Service

Medicilon Drug discovery services include chemistry (synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry) and biology. In terms of chemistry, it can undertake multi-dimensional business such as custom synthesis, compound library construction, SAR compound synthesis and screening, compound structure and biological activity optimization.

The medicinal chemistry team deeply cross-integrates chemistry and biology into each project, and flexibly uses the powerful expertise of computational chemistry to aid the compound design process. At the same time, Medicilon extensively uses advanced drug discovery technology, including PROTAC targeted protein degradation technology, DEL DNA-encoded small molecule compound library screening technology, ADC antibody drug conjugation technology, etc. Medicilon efficiently promotes customers' drug research and development projects, controls costs, and improves quality!

Medicilon Cell Therapy Drug Service Platform

Medicilon has built a one-step platform for the preclinical research and development of cellular immunotherapy drugs, covering a variety of immunotherapy methods including CAR-T, TCR-T and CAR-NK, using rich animal models and a variety of advanced analytical techniques, comprehensively considering the characteristics of different research projects. Has completed several preclinical development projects for immunotherapy regimens for clients.

Medicilon In Vitro Pharmacokinetic Services

❖ Determination of plasma protein binding rate
❖ Plasma stability tests
❖ Liver microsomal metabolism tests
❖ CYP450 inhibition tests
❖ CYP450 induction tests
❖ Metabolite speculation
❖ Metabolite identification
❖ Estimation of metabolic pathway
❖ Identification of metabolic pathway
❖ Transmembrane transport test
❖ Drug-drug interaction
❖ Metabolic phenotype research
❖ Hepatocyte metabolic stability tests

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