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Join Medicilon at BOSS XVII 17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium

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17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium is only two weeks away! Medicilon is excited to attend and exhibit at the conference. Medicilon Europe Business Development team will be exhibiting at the conference. We are happy to meet you in person to discuss how our services and capabilities would support your current research needs and expedite your drug discovery and development programs. We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you a safe trip!

Date: July 3-8, 2022
Location: Namur, Belgium    
Booth: 5

BOSS XVII 17th Belgian Organic Synthesis Symposium

The BOSS-conference is a unique international symposium as it combines lectures delivered by established organic chemists as well as younger rising stars with two prestigious events: a lecture delivered by the recipient of the “Janssen Prize for Creativity in Organic Synthesis”, and the “Tetrahedron Chair”: a one-day course on a specific topic in organic synthesis.

The BOSS will cover a broad range of timely topics of modern organic synthesis, including asymmetric synthesis, chemical biology, electrosynthesis, medicinal chemistry, organocatalysis, organometallic chemistry and catalysis, photocatalysis, reaction mechanisms, reactive intermediates, supramolecular chemistry, sustainable chemistry, total synthesis… and many more! To learn more, please visit their website.


Medicilon Synthetic Chemistry

Medicilon is proud of our extensive expertise in synthetic organic chemistry. With a team of over 1200 chemists, our synthetic chemistry department is capable of the independent design of synthesis pathways and complex compound treatments, key to helping accelerate our clients' drug discovery.

As we pay great attention to scientific morality, we protect our clients' intellectual property rights tirelessly and guarantee data integrity. Furthermore, our projects are always undertaken with a fundamental focus on safety and green chemistry.


 AI supported route design and process optimization

Synthesis of high-quality compounds from milligram to kilogram

❖ Scaling up Compound Production to Non-GMP Level

 Custom chemical synthesis

❖ Scale up

Medicilon can undertake the synthesis of special reagents, intermediates and molecular fragments, preparation of standard products, synthesis design and preparation of impurities or metabolites, synthesis of stable isotope internal standards and synthesis of tritiated compounds.

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Medicilon Drug Discovery Services

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), providing comprehensive one-step new drug R&D for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world. We provide one-stop customized R&D solutions ranging from precise drug targeting to IND filing assistance.Deeply integrate R&D experience, constantly climb the peak of R&D technology, and build an integrated innovation service platform for new drug R&D.

Medicilon Drug discovery services include chemistry (synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry) and biology. In terms of chemistry, it can undertake multi-dimensional business such as custom synthesis, compound library construction, SAR compound synthesis and screening, compound structure and biological activity optimization.

The medicinal chemistry team deeply cross-integrates chemistry and biology into each project, and flexibly uses the powerful expertise of computational chemistry to aid the compound design process. At the same time, Medicilon extensively uses advanced drug discovery technology, including PROTAC targeted protein degradation technology, DEL DNA-encoded small molecule compound library screening technology, ADC antibody drug conjugation technology, etc. Medicilon efficiently promotes customers' drug research and development projects, controls costs, and improves quality!

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