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Join Medicilon at the CAS Annual Meeting 2022

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The CAS 2022 Annual Meeting will be held on October 30, 2022 in Cambridge, MA, USA. This annual meeting will focus on the frontier direction of innovative antibodies in an all-round way, pay attention to the core technologies of new antibody research and development, and seize the opportunities of global antibody drug innovation research. Medicilon's participation focuses on opening up ideas, and exchanging and cooperating. Our EVP of International R&D Services Dr. Xuedong Dai wiil be there as well. looks forward to your visit to booth #26 to discuss with us!

About CAS 2022 Annual Meeting

The Chinese Antibody Society is a non-profit, non-governmental public welfare organization established in 2016. It is the first and currently the only global Chinese antibody professional organization. The association focuses on therapeutic antibodies and is committed to creating a global platform to promote the development, production and commercialization of therapeutic antibodies. As of March 2022, the Association has held 52 online lectures on antibody drugs. The Chinese Antibody Association will be a platform for Chinese exchanges and cooperation in the field of antibodies between China, the United States and even the world, and a bridge for Chinese antibody drugs to go to the world.


About Medicilon

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), providing comprehensive one-step new drug R&D for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world. We provide one-stop customized R&D solutions ranging from precise drug targeting to IND filing assistance. Deeply integrate R&D experience, constantly climb the peak of R&D technology, and build an integrated innovation service platform for new drug R&D.


Medicilon Antibody Discovery Services

Medicilon has built up comprehensive antibody discovery capabilities with differentiation from current market offerings. Multiple technologies are established to discover antibodies from all kind of antibody gene sources, including immunized animals, and synthetic DNA. Creative strategies will be used to overcome the pain points of therapeutic antibody discovery field with a goal to eventually develop the capability of generating antibodies for not only the typical drug targets but also the more challenging ones, such as GPCRs, ion channels and perhaps even intracellular targets. We are establishing a cutting-edge antibody discovery platform with unique strength and capabilities that will meet the needs of current and future therapeutic antibody discovery and optimization for clients around the world.

Medicilon Pharmacokinetics Services

Our Preclinical Pharmacokinetics Department has a number of professionals with rich theoretical knowledge and experimental experience for experiment design, experiment implementation, bioanalysis and data analysis. Our Pharmacokinetics Lab has passed the GLP certification by NMPA. Following the guiding principles of ICH, NMPA and FDA. The lab offers in vivo and in vitro pharmacokinetic tests according to the needs of our clients and provide them with complete sets of pharmacokinetic evaluation and optimization services. Our acclaimed quality data collection and efficient experiment can meet our clients’ needs from early drug discovery to new drug filing.

Medicilon Drug Safety Evaluation

Based on the internationally certified AAALAC quality standards and the drug safety evaluation quality management system that complies with international and domestic GLP specifications. Since 2008, we have continued to benchmark against international standards, completed GLP's safety evaluation services with high quality, and established a long-term brand effect. Medicilon can conduct systematic review services covering multiple toxicity endpoints and has internationally recognized pathology studies to support our safety evaluation studies. Pharmacology & Toxicology Study.


Medicilon ADC R&D service platform

Each ADC R&D project is its own challenge due to the varieties in the assembly of ADC molecules. With this concept in mind, Medicilon promises careful planning, meticulous execution and accurate results through years of practical experience and effective communication with our clients. Medicilon can provide customers with services such as ADC Payloads synthesis, ADC drug conjugation, ADC Pharmacology evaluation, and ADC safety evaluation. Up to now, Medicilon has undertaken more than 100 major IND application biopharmaceutical projects, As of May 2022, Medicilon has successfully helped 10 ADC drugs to be approved for clinical use, and there are multiple ADC projects under study.


Pharmacology Evaluation Model Types:


  • Xenograft models

  • Syngeneic models

  • Orthotopic xenograft models

  • Transgenic models

  • hPBMC/CD34+ HSC humanized models

  • PDX models

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