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Join Medicilon at the CBA Annual Conference 2022

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CBA Annual Conference 2022.jpg

We are very pleased to announce that Medicilon will attend the Chinese Bioscience Association Annual Conference 2022. It kicks off on October 8, 2022 at Foster City, CA. The Medicilon American team will be present throughout the event. We sincerely invite you to come to have a discussion with us!

About CBA Annual Conference 2022

The Chinese Bioscience Association is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 in The San Francisco Bay Area.Since its inception, it has attracted hundreds of active members and supporters, including ceos, scientists, business executives, professors and more. As a bilingual non-profit organization that plays a key role in bridging the industrial and cultural gap between the US and Asia, CBA's Annual meeting and summer picnic were especially popular with members, friends, and family. This 24TH Annual Conference will kick off on October 8th, 2022 in Foster City, USA,The conference features prominent speakers in gene therapy, antibody therapy, CAR T cell therapy, and so on.

About Medicilon

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), providing comprehensive one-step new drug R&D for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world. We provide one-stop customized R&D solutions ranging from precise drug targeting to IND filing assistance. Deeply integrate R&D experience, constantly climb the peak of R&D technology, and build an integrated innovation service platform for new drug R&D.

Medicilon Drug Discovery Services

Medicilon Drug discovery services include chemistry (synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry) and biology. In terms of chemistry, it can undertake multi-dimensional business such as custom synthesis, compound library construction, SAR compound synthesis and screening, compound structure and biological activity optimization.

The medicinal chemistry team deeply cross-integrates chemistry and biology into each project, and flexibly uses the powerful expertise of computational chemistry to aid the compound design process. At the same time, Medicilon extensively uses advanced drug discovery technology, including PROTAC targeted protein degradation technology, DEL DNA-encoded small molecule compound library screening technology, ADC antibody drug conjugation technology, etc. Medicilon efficiently promotes customers' drug research and development projects, controls costs, and improves quality!

Medicilon Cell Therapy Drug Service Platform

Cell and gene therapy (CGT) has developed rapidly in recent years, offering the possibility to cure many refractory malignant tumors. Driven by technology, capital and policy, the global CGT industry is rapidly heating up, and a large number of CGT drugs have entered the clinical stage, providing new treatment concepts and ideas for refractory diseases.

Medicilon has established a complete research and development platform for cell and gene therapy drugs, which can provide one-stop services such as pharmacological efficacy, biodistribution and safety evaluation for cell and gene therapy products. Using a variety of animal models and advanced analytical techniques, Medicilon has completed a number of preclinical development projects of gene and cellular immunotherapy regimens for its clients, taking into account the characteristics of different research projects.

Medicilon has built a one-step platform for the preclinical research and development of cellular immunotherapy drugs, covering a variety of immunotherapy methods including CAR-T, TCR-T and CAR-NK, using rich animal models and a variety of advanced analytical techniques, comprehensively considering the characteristics of different research projects. Has completed several preclinical development projects for immunotherapy regimens for clients.

Medicilon In Vitro Evaluation of Antibodies

As we know, a complete monoclonal antibody includes an antigen-binding fragment (Fab) and a fragment crystallizable region (Fc). The Fab can bind to a tumor-associated antigen, while the Fc plays an important role in metabolic pathways, as well as in IgG cellular functions.

The molecular sequence and subtype of antibodies will affect the effector functions. Such effector functions include the antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) triggered by Fc binding to the FcγRIII receptor (CD16A) of NK. The Fc can also bind with serum complement molecules (C1q) to form a membrane attack complex (MAC) that triggers complement-dependent cytotoxicity (CDC). When the Fc binds with macrophage receptors—namely FcγRIII (CD16A), FcγRII (CD32A) and FcγRI (CD64)—the antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis (ADCP) is triggered.

  ❖Binding/blocking experiments
  ❖Antibody endocytosis
  ❖T cell activation
  ❖T cell cytotoxicity

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