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Join Medicilon at the CPhI World Wide 2022

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CPhI World Wide 2022 is coming! Medicilon is excited to exhibit in the conference. Our Executive VP Dr. Xuedong Dai and Dr. Zhenrong Guo will be present in person at booth 80M47! Take this opportunity to talk with 2 experts! Our European team will also be there, We look forward to meeting you!

Date: 1-3 November 2022

Location: Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Booth: 80M47

About CPhI World Wide 2022

CPhI World Wide is the world's most important gatherings of the pharmaceutical industry. CPHI Global events are the world's most important gatherings for ingredients, machinery, equipment, technology, package and contract service suppliers, distributors and buyers from the pharmaceutic industry. Unlock endless opportunities to grow your business.


About Medicilon

Fully Integrated Preclinical Drug Discovery and Development Services

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), providing comprehensive one-step new drug R&D for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world. With our experience in serving domestic and foreign biomedical industries, we have built an integrated technical platform covering key technologies in drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, and preclinical research, in a bid to provide comprehensive preclinical new drug R&D for the global biomedical industry.


At Medicilon, we are dedicated to help our clients develop their research and discovery programs from initial idea all the way through the Investigational New Drug (IND) filing phase. Our services span across medicinal chemistry, biology, API, CMC, formulation, and preclinical studies. We provide flexible business models, including stand-alone Fee for Services (FFS) and fully integrated FTE services. In addition, our facilities are GLP/GMP compliant, US-FDA, China NMPA and AAALAC accredited. All study reports can be presented in SEND format, supporting dual filing of IND applications in the US, EU, and China. 


18+ years of experience in new drug R&D


Active clients worldwide


Newdrug discovery scientists and service personnel


Square meters of Laboratory floor space


Projects successfully approved with FDA, NMPA, EMA, and TGA

CPhI 2022(5).jpg

Dr. Xuedong Dai, Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry and Postdoctoral at MIT, has been deeply involved in the research and development of chemical drugs for central nervous system diseases, infectious diseases and tumor diseases for more than 20 years.  Dr. Dai has a deep understanding and rich experience in the process of drug discovery, including the identification and optimization of seed compounds, and the development of high-quality clinical candidate compounds.  Dr. Dai participated in the research and development of drugs including marketed drugs, such as Horizant®/Regnite®; clinical drugs, such as JNJ-75276617; and clinical candidate compounds, such as Arbaclofen Placarbil, XP21279, XP23829, etc.

Dr. Guo has been deeply involved in the field of innovative drug R&D for more than 30 years, and has rich experience in CMC R&D and management.  Dr. Guo has successfully published 26 papers in top international journals, obtained a total of 33 patents in the United States or China, led the R&D and production of more than 10 new drugs, including the fields of tumor, diabetes and other major diseases.  

Medicilon International Discovery Service Unit

The mission of Medicilon International Discovery Service Unit is to provide high quality, efficient and cost-effective synthetic chemistry, drug design, and new drug candidate compound services to global pharmaceutical companies.  We are stride to meet the research and development needs of the clients in various chemical fields of pre-clinical new drug research, shorten the cycle of drug R&D, and reduce the cost of drug R&D.

Medicilon  International Discovery Service Unit has a management team and lab personnel with a rich background of studying abroad, a world-leading synthesis and analysis laboratory with installed state-of-the-art instruments and equipment.  In order to provide clients with better services, the International Discovery Service Unit keeps up with new developments and new technologies in drug design and synthesis, such as artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC), antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), direct functionalization of inert carbon-hydrogen bonds, photoredox reactions, and flow chemistry, etc.


Medicilon CMC Services

Medicilon provides comprehensive pharmaceutical analysis services, including methodology development and verification, analytical testing and release, stability study, scale separation, and CMC filing documents.

CMC services for IND/CTA, NDA/MAA and ANDA filings

High-quality, fast and low-cost one-stop services

One-stop services for drug analysis, research and development, stability, quality control, and CMC regulatory documents

Applicable to domestic and overseas filings


Medicilon currently features a cGMP-based API production line based on IND. From preclinical laboratory-scale testing and process development to commercialized production, we meet the needs of our clients throughout the comprehensive supply chain, including R&D, purchase and production. From the mg- and g-level to kg level, our processes allow flexible adjustments to fit in client innovative process R&D and scale production.

From QBD-oriented process design to process R&D in laboratories, commercialized production to data-based filings, our analysis and quality inspection teams promise professional services and comprehensive analytical research, including method development and verification, process verification, impurity identification and separation, API and intermediates research, and API stability tests.

Pharmaceutic Preparation

Professional technology platform for insoluble innovative drugs. With mature and complete technologies such as solid dispersion, micronization, solubilization, inclusion compound, in vitro dissolution/in vivo PK comprehensive evaluation, etc., we can deal with the common solubility and permeability problems of candidate compounds for new drugs.

Professional high-end preparation technology platform. For inhalation administration, ophthalmic administration, transdermal administration, sustained-release administration, and new particulate system administration, our Preparation Department has continuously innovated and improved its technical service platform and accumulated practical experience to meet the requirements of the times and clients.

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