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Join Medicilon at the NE-ADME (New Era of ADME & Beyond) Conference

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We are excited to announce that Medicilon will be attending the NE-ADME (New Era of ADME & Beyond) Conference on 16 June 2022. Our US Business Development team welcomes you to join us at the conference! Please stop by our booth and chat how our services and capabilities would support your research needs and expedite your drug discovery and development programs. Wish you a safe trip!


Organizer: Boston Society

Date: 16 June 2022

Location: Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research, Cambridge, MA


About NE-ADME Conference

NE-ADME event will be an in-person meeting. However, remote attendance option will also be made available just in case you are still not able to travel. Learn more about NE-ADME (New Era of ADME & Beyond)



About ADME Studies

ADME is an abbreviation in pharmacokinetics and pharmacology, and stands for absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of chemicals and drugs to define the impact in a human body. Toxicology testing is a significant event before an introduction of new drugs into the market. Drug development is a very crucial stage of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturer as it is attributed to high costs at the various stages of drug development. In order to overcome this barrier of drug failure, ADME toxicology testing has a major advantage to enter in early drug development phase of preclinical trials.


ADME toxicology testing reveals the drug levels and kinetics of drug exposure to the body tissue and hence facilitates the performance in pharmaceutical R&D by minimizing drug discovery time, complications in testing and reduction in overall cost in drug development. Thereby, preclinical ADME toxicology testing is a substantial and beneficial application for drug discovery venture capital (VC) industries.


About Medicilon

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO), providing comprehensive one-step new drug R&D for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world.


Medicilon’s pharmacokinetics department offers the clients a broad spectrum of high quality of services in the areas of in vitro ADME, in vivo pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis services, ranging from small molecules to large molecules, such as proteins and antibodies. The animal species involved in our services are non-human primates, canines, mice, rats, rabbits and etc. In addition, non-human primate experimental platform and isotope platform for protein/antibody projects are certified by the Shanghai government.


ADME in vitro

Plasma protein binding

Tissue protein binding

Blood to plasma ratio

Plasma stability

Microsomal stability

Hepatocyte stability

CYP reaction phenotyping

 CYP inhibition

 CYP induction

Caco-2 permeability

Transporter testing

Drug-drug interaction

Metabolite profiling & identification

Metabolic pathway profiling & identification



PK in vivo

Hemodynamics study

Tissue distribution study

Excretion and mass balance

Blood-brain barrier permeability

Metabolite in vivo profiling & identification

Isotopic DMPK study

Isotopic tissue distribution test

Isotopic mass balance study

Polypeptide DMPK test



Oligonucleotide DMPK test

mRNA vaccine DMPK test

Cellular immunotherapies DMPK test

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