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Join Medicilon at the 2023 SAPA Annual Conference & 30-Year Anniversary Celebration

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The SAPA Annual Conference is a premier platform for participants to share their knowledge, best practices, and viewpoints on important issues and current trends in academia and life science industries. This year’s event features presentations and panel discussions from over 60 distinguished speakers and panelists from academia, industry, and regulatory agency. It also provides opportunities for pharmaceutical science and public health education, networking, career development, and business partnerships.

The theme of this year's conference is “TOWARDS A SHARED VISION: ADVANCING PHARMACEUTICALS THROUGH COLLABORATION AND INNOVATION”. This year’s SAPA Annual Conference marks the first-ever One-SAPA conference with collaboration from the SAPA headquarter and regional chapters. This guarantees an exhilarating and interactive experience for all attendees.

Join Medicilon at the 2023 SAPA Annual Conference & 30-Year Anniversary Celebration.  This time, you can not only visit our table, but also focus the speech “Cutting-edge technologies and advanced research platforms to accelerate drug discovery” by our President of Drug Discovery Division, Dr. Liu Jian.

The biggest challenge in drug discovery is to understand the complicated causes of various diseases and their underlying mechanisms. Nowadays, drug discovery researchers are confronting this challenge to meet the need to the delivery of safer drugs to patients faster at lower costs. Fortunately, many cutting-edge technologies and advanced research platforms were developed to empower and accelerate the drug discovery with different modalities for various diseases. This presentation will focus on the research platforms for the development of targeted protein degradation (TPD), oligo nucleotides, antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) and peptide drugs. Recently, drug discovery research benefited significantly from new powerful cutting-edge technologies including the CRISPR, artificial intelligence (AI), bio-catalysis and bio-synthesis, green chemistry and many others, allowing for a better identification and validation of new disease targets and quick discovery of innovative drugs. By embracing the cutting-edge technologies, Medicilon provides comprehensive one-stop R&D services for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world.

Dr. Liu will also participate in CEO Forum titled "Building a Collaborative Network: Embracing Innovation, Inspiring Growth" on September 29, 2023, 3:00-5:00 pm. Dr. Liu and our BD team will be joining the SAPA Networking Reception (Reception Sponsor: Medicilon) on September 29 at 5:30-7:00 pm ET. We are looking forward to meeting you in this reception to discuss how our services and capabilities would support your research needs and expedite your drug discovery and development programs. 

5.jpgAbout SAPA

The Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association (SAPA) was established in 1993 and is headquartered in New Jersey, USA.  Since its inception, SAPA has rapidly become one of the most active Chinese-American professional associations in the US, with seven chapters and over 6,000 members.

About Medicilon

Medicilon is an integrated contract research organization (CRO) providing comprehensive one-stop services from initial idea to IND enabling studies and API manufacture for biotech, pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. With 20 years’ experience in serving drug discovery, we have built an integrated technical platform covering, small molecule and large molecule drug discovery, in vivo and in vitro pharmacology, and preclinical IND enabling capabilities, to support drug development for today’s dynamic industry.

Our clients include not only pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, GSK and AZ, but also many global SMEs including start-up companies, R&D companies and Universities. Medicilon delivers both non-GLP and GLP safety studies generating data that is fully accepted by FDA, EMA, NMPA and TGA agencies. Our GLP in vivo laboratory is an AAALAC accredited international standard laboratory, audited and approved by NMPA and FDA. Since 2015, Medicilon has successfully assisted 385+ new drug and generic drug projects to enter clinical trials by NMPA, FDA, and TGA, which accelerates the customer's new drug development process!

Medicilon develops new technology platforms constantly, working in partnership with our global clients to deliver demanding and innovative novel drug research. Up to 2022, Medicilon has successfully developed more than 100 preclinical candidates for our global clients. In the preclinical candidate stage, Medicilon screens out lead compounds with high activity and selectivity through high-throughput screening and AI design, and further optimize the lead compounds (including physicochemical properties, early druggability, metabolic stability, pharmacokinetics, toxicity prediction, etc.) to obtain the candidate compound (PCC) and back-up compound, to further enable the research work in the IND stage.

At Medicilon, we are passionate about our role in novel drug discovery and research to improve people's health. We focus on timelines and applying multidisciplinary perspective in resolving our global clients’ research challenges and providing cost effective solutions to deliver quality data in every stage of drug research and development.

20 Years of experience in new drug R&D

2000+ Active clients worldwide

3100+ New drug discovery scientists and service personnel

84600+ Square meters of Laboratory floor space

385+ Projects successfully approved with FDA, NMPA, EMA, and TGA

Services and Solutions

Drug Discovery

Chemistry Research

Biology Research

Early DMPK Research

CMC Services



Pharmaceutical Formulation

Process Optimization

Preclinical Studies



Drug Safety Evaluation

IND Filing


One-stop Integrated Services Platform

PROTAC R&D Service Platform

ADC R&D Service Platform

Nucleic Acid Drug R&D Platform

Cell Gene Therapy (CGT) R&D Service Platform

Antibody R&D Service Platform

mRNA Vaccine Bioanalysis Platform

Peptide Bioanalysis Platform

Protein Crystallography Platform

Cytokine and Biomarker Detection Platform

Flow Cytometry Technology Platform

Pharmaceutical Research CDMO Service Platform

Process Department Solid Form Screening Platform

Skin Topical Preparation R&D

Inhalation drug R&D platform

Ophthalmic drug R&D platform

IO Pharmacodynamic Model Evaluation Platform

NHP Safety Evaluation and Toxicity Study Platform


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