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Join Medicilon on Swiss Biotech Day 2022: A Truly Global Networking Day

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Swiss Biotech Day 2022 is only a couple weeks away! Medicilon is excited to attend and exhibit at the conference. Our VP of UK and Europe Business Development Ms. Nadine Su in person and Our EVP and Head of IDSU, Dr. Xuedong Dai online, are invited to give a presentation to introduce Medicilon fully integrated drug discovery platform and focus on the topic of “PROTACs: Make Undruggable Targets Druggable”Our UK and EU Business Development team will be exhibiting at the conferenceWe are happy to meet you in person to discuss how our services and capabilities would support your current research needs and expedite your drug discovery and development programs. We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you a safe trip!

Date: May 2-3, 2022

Location: Basel, Switzerland

Booth: #13

ABOUT Swiss Biotech Day

The Swiss Biotech Day is the leading biotechnology conferences in Switzerland and is a fixed date in the community’s calendar. In 2021, more than 850 life sciences colleagues celebrated a reunion at the first face-to-face event since the beginning of the Covid pandemic.

What to expect

Meet senior experts from the life science industry from across Europe

Swiss Biotech Success Stories Awards ceremony

Innovative biotech start-ups and medium-sized biotech companies

Thematically focused panel discussions


About Presenter

Dr. Xuedong Dai

Executive VP and Head of IDSU (International Discovery Service Unit) at Medicilon,obtained his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at MIT. He is a senior-level expertwith over 20 years of experience focusing on small molecule drug discovery and development in CNS, infectious disease, and oncology therapy areas. He has deep understanding and practical knowledge of drug discovery process, including leadidentification, optimization, and development of high quality clinical candidate molecules. Prior to Medicilon, Dr. Dai worked at Janssen, HD Biosciences, GSK, and Xenoportwith a demonstrated successful track record of program leadership and made significant contributions to medicinal chemistry programs that led to the marketed drug Horizant®/Regnite® and several other clinical candidates (JNJ-75276617, arbaclofen placarbil, XP21279, and XP23829).

In Vitro Evaluation of PROTAC Molecules
CGeneTech and Medicilon Held the Conference Titled “PROTAC Project Contract Signing & Kick-off Meeting”
CGeneTech's Class 1 innovative drug CGT-9475 has achieved dual application and approval in China and the US with the help of Medicilon's one-stop preclinical pharmaceutical R&D service platform

Ms. Nadine Su

20 years’ experience of project management and business development in pharmaceutical and healthcare industries include different sectors, include novel drug research and development, biotechnology application research project management, licensing and new business development in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry in Europe and China. She successfully developed and established the research partnership and business collaboration between EU and China for different novel drug research, novel biotechnology collaboration to achieve over $20M of licensing projects in a year.

Medicilon International Discovery Service Unit (IDSU)

Medicilon International Discovery Service Unit has a management team and lab personnel with a rich background of studying abroad, a world-leading synthesis and analysis laboratory with installed state-of-the-art instruments and equipment.  In order to provide clients with better services, the International Discovery Service Unit keeps up with new developments and new technologies in drug design and synthesis, such as artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), proteolysis targeting chimera (PROTAC), antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), direct functionalization of inert carbon-hydrogen bonds, photoredox reactions, and flow chemistry, etc.

Medicilon Discovery Chemistry PROTAC Platform

Medicilon’s PROTAC drug discovery technology platform covers the currently popular target protein ligands. Medicilon has established a linker system with an extensive collection of bifunctional linkers. Together with our expanding E3 ubiquitin ligase binder library, Medicilon can efficiently synthesize a substantial amount of highly active PROTAC bispecific small molecules, which would have the potential to significantly facilitate ithe drug discovery and development process. In addition, Medicilon has established as well as improved the PROTAC biological screening and testing platform throughout the pre-clinical stages.

#drugdiscovery # SwissBiotechDay #PROTAC

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