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Join Medicilon at TIDES USA: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics 2024

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TIDES USA: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics 2024
Industry’s Largest & Most Renowned Event to Accelerate Your Oligo and Peptide Therapeutics to Market: Leading Strategies for Expediting R&D and Improving CMC Efficiency.

Each year, the TIDES conference scientific agenda includes 150+ of the industry's top scientists to present the latest science and industry updates across the entire spectrum from discovery, preclinical, clinical development through CMC, Manufacturing and commercialization of therapeutics and vaccines for oligos, peptides, mRNA and genome editing products.

Medicilon nucleic acid drug R&D platform provides an integrated and comprehensive solution that covers drug discovery, CMC and preclinical research services. Oriented with a rigorous scientific approach, an open-minded teamwork spirit and state-of-the-art equipment, our integrated solution will help clients and partners to fulfil their research and development mission for cutting-edge and innovative nucleic acid drugs. Our service platforms include nucleic acid drug discovery, screening and preclinical research services of pharmacology, DMPK and toxicity study for both pharmaceutical companies and academic research institutions.

Peptides as a therapeutic method attract much attention due to the synthetic accessibility, high degree of specific binding, and the ability to target protein surfaces traditionally considered "undruggable". Macrocyclic peptides possess a lot of pharmacological characteristics distinct from other well-established therapeutic molecular classes, resulting in a versatile drug modality with a unique profile of advantages.
Medicilon Peptide Drug Discovery Service:
❖Solid Phase Synthesis
❖Solution Phase Synthesis
❖Synthetic Biology Synthesis
❖Purification& QC

Date: May 14-17, 2024
Location: Hynes Convention Center, Boston, MA
Medicilon Booth#934

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Subject丨TIDES USA: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Therapeutics 2024

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