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Medicilon Pharmaceutical CDMO Services: One-stop innovative R&D platform

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Medicilon One-Stop Pharmaceutical Research CDMO is an integrated platform that combines "APIs + Preparations", and is committed to the technological innovation optimization and commercialization of global pharmaceutical processes, from product development, quality research, quality control, production and declaration to help the new drug research and development in saving time and cost for enterprises.


The Medicilon Process Department is deeply involved in the entire industrial chain system of the R&D, procurement and production, from preclinical small-scale synthesis route optimization, process development and scale-up, process validation, quality research to commercial production. (More details)
Multifunctional R&D Testing Base

❖ Scale-up workshop

❖ GMP standard API workshop

❖ Analysis and testing center

❖ QC laboratory

❖ Microbiology laboratory

❖ ...

Complete Experimental Equipment
Continuous Improvement of Technological Innovation

❖ Antibody R&D

❖ Small nucleic acid drugs R&D

❖ Salt and crystal form screening

❖ Process safety research

❖ ...


Medicilon preparation CDMO can undertake the whole process of preparation research and development from project evaluation, pre-prescription research, preparation process research, quality research, clinical sample production, stability research and registration filing, which could comprehensively assist the research and development of innovative drugs. (More details)
High Quality Production Service

Medicilon's GMP oral solid preparation workshop could flexibly carry out preparations with different production processes and different production batches (1kg-40kg), and could provide different types of clinical production services that comply with current GMP standards according to client requirements.

High Standard Management System
Medicilon GMP preparation analysis laboratory owns a sophisticated set of quality management system, which is managed in full accordance with GMP specifications to ensure stable and reliable product quality, traceable quality profiles, especially for the preparation of samples for Phase I clinical research.
High-Level Formulation Development

Medicilon has a professional high-end formulation technology platform, keeps up with the pace of innovation in drug research and development, and meets the diverse requirements of clients.  Medicilon has helped a number of innovative drugs to complete the R&D and successfully to get approval for clinical use. (Click the link to learn more)

❖ Inhalation Drug Development Platform

❖ Ophthalmic Drug R&D Platform

❖ R&D Platform for Topical Skin Preparations

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