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Medicilon Drug Screening Services: Gifts for Summer Events

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Medicilon cares for DMPK features in the early-stage. The early stage DMPK tests generates less cost and yet may produce crucial results, providing insights for the whole R&D projects. In order to express our appreciation for our clients for trust and support, Medicilon launched the colorful SUMMER EVENTS, involving pharmacokinetics services for drug screening (non-declaration).

Date: Now—June 30, 2022


For new clients, first DMPK test order FREE.

ICR mice

SD rats


DMPK Screening discount up to 20%.

(Animal species: ICR mice, SD rats, Non-naïve Beagles, Non-naïve cynomolgus monkeys)

Compound #6-1010-20>20

Experiment Cases

SpeciesDosing24-hour blood collectionAnimals #Experimental period
ICR mice
Single-dose, intravenous and oral661-2 weeks
SD rats8-10
cynomolgus monkeys

*The final interpretation right of this event belongs to the Marketing Department of Medicilon

Drug Screening

The DMPK test reveals the ADME features in vivo of drug compounds and their metabolites. These results can provide crucial evidence for pharmacology and toxicology research and generate reasonable deductions. Meanwhile, many parameters in later research are set based on these results.
Medicilon is amply experienced in DMPK research. We are capable of providing R&D services of chemical compounds, biotech macromolecules and advanced biotech therapies with high quality and efficiency. Our services span from ADME screening in vitro to animal tests in vivo.

ADME in vitro

Plasma protein binding

Tissue protein binding

Blood to plasma ratio

Plasma stability

Microsomal stability

Hepatocyte stability

CYP reaction phenotype

Cytochrome 450 inhibition (TDI)

Cytochrome 450 Induction

Caco-2 permeability

Transporter test

Drug-drug interaction

Metabolite profiling & identification

Metabolic pathway profiling & identification

More details about"ADME in vitro"

PK in vivo

Hemodynamics study

Tissue distribution study

Excretion mass balance study

Blood brain barrier permeability

Metabolite in vivo profiling & identification

Isotopic DMPK study

Isotopic tissue distribution test

Isotopic mass balance study

Polypeptide DMPK test



Oligonucleotide DMPK test

mRNA vaccine DMPK test

Cellular immunotherapies DMPK test

More details about "PK in vivo"

Advanced instrumentation and equipment

MSD SECTOR Imager 6000

Luminex Bio-Plex 200

Gyrolab xPlore

Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plate Readers

Bio Tek ELx405 Plate Washer

Applied Biosystems 7500 Real-Time PCR System

Thermo NanoDrop

Perkin Elmer EnVision Plate Reader

Biacore 8K

Hamilton Workstation

Thermo KingFisher Flex

Covaris E220 AFA


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