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Online Seminar for Identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets in both breast and kidney cancers

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Please reserve for your seat at the below eventbrite link for free.

Hypoxia is associated with resistance towards radiation and chemotherapy. As tumors grow, they can sense the oxygen tension and reprogram critical pathways that are important for cancer cell survival and therapy resistance. One of examples is through upregulation of hypoxia inducible factor alpha (HIF-α) and activation of HIF signaling downstream pathways. Dr. Zhang’s lab is mainly interested in studying the oxygen-sensing pathway and how they contribute to the development of tumors as well as therapeutic resistance. Dr. Zhang’s lab is implementing novel genomic and proteomic approaches to identify important new therapeutic targets in oxygen sensing signaling in breast and kidney cancers. During this talk, Dr. Zhang will present on identifying BBOX1 as a new therapeutic target in breast cancer. In addition, Dr. Zhang will present on identifying a few new therapeutic targets in kidney cancer, including ZHX2, SFMBT1 and TBK1.

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