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Dr. Chunlin Chen will participate the Zhejiang Overseas Senior-Level Biomedical Annual Meeting

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The Zhejiang Overseas Senior-Level Organization was founded in Feb 2011 by entrepreneur and the scientists.  The organization currently has about 1,000 members from “Thousand People Plan”.  The organization has five branches, including “Biomedical Branch”, “New Material Branch”, “Electronic Information Branch”, “Energy, Resources and Environment Branch” and “Integrated Branch”.

The Biomedical Branch of Zhejiang Overseas Senior-Level Organization announced that they will host a meeting and forum in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province from Sept 18-20.  This meeting and forum will focus on human resources, technology and innovation.

As one of the member of “Thousand People Plan”, Medicilon’s CEO, Dr. Chunlin Chen, is invited to attend the meeting and forum.  Dr, Chen looks forward to meet the representatives of Zhejiang Biomedical enterprises for further collaboration.

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