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Medicilon October Prospecting Trip in New Jersey

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Medicilon’s October Prospecting Trip in New Jersey

Dr. Jun Wang, VP of Medicilon, attended SAPA Annual Conference and hosted networking luncheon with industrial experts.

During the Golden Week holiday (SEP – OCT) of 2016, Chinese Traditional Mid-Autumn Festival followed by National Holiday, our VP, Dr. Jun Wang, as Medicilon’s representative, specially flew to New Jersey to give out the blessing to our friends and colleagues. Meanwhile, Dr. Wang attended 2016 SAPA Annual Conference and hosted luncheon meeting with over 40 Chinese industrial expertises for networking and opportunities sharing purpose. It was such a fruitful trip.

Oct 1, Attended SAPA Annual Conference

    The SAPA (Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association,) hosted the 24th Annual Conference in Somerset, New Jersey on Saturday, October 1, 2016.  As, a long-term sponsor and collaboration partner with SAPA, Medicilon attached great importance to this conference.  Dr. Jun Wang, Medicilon’s VP of Biology, specially flew to New Jersey to attend the SAPA annual conference along with Dr. Wendy Liu, BD from Boston and Dr. Jianfeng Wang, Senior BD from New Jersey.  Dr. Jianfeng Wang is also the permanent member of SAPA, responsible for SAPA’s annual conference and operation.

    There were 1,050 prominent industrial executives and visionary thought leaders, which are the record high, attended this event.  There was a gala dinner followed by the conference and there were approximately 400 participants attended the gala dinner and celebration the Chinese National Day.

    During the conference, visitors came in constantly and showed great interest to Medicilon’s business.  Many friends of Dr. Jun Wang mentioned that they were surprise to see the rapid development of Medicion.

SAPA Annual Conference

▲Dr. Weiguo Dai, SAPA President, was giving an opening speech

▲Medicilon’s representatives in SAPA Annual Conference: (from left to right) Dr. Wendy Liu, Dr. Jun Wang, and Dr. Jianfeng Wang

▲Networking with industrial expertise in SAPA Dinner, Dr. Jun Wang (left 2) and Dr. Wendy Liu (left 3)

▲SAPA Gala Dinner

Oct 2, Organized Luncheon for Networking and Idea Sharing

    During the second day of SAPA annual conference, Dr. Jun Wang, Medicilon’s VP of Biology, hosted a luncheon meeting.  There were over 40 Chinese scientists to attend the luncheon meeting , including Dr. Yongkui Sun, member of US NAE (National Academy of Engineering); Dr. Jian Liu, who was recently appointed to be the new SAPA President; Dr. Guibo Liang; Dr. Lihu Yang, well-respected pharmaceutical chemist; Dr. Cai Li and Dr. Tianquan Cai, Metabolic Diseases experts and etc.  This event would certainly provided great support to boost Medicilon’s awareness in both New Jersey and US East Coast Market.

    Of the 40 scientists who attended the meeting, most of them were senior scientists from Merck and entrepreneurs.  During the luncheon, free discussion was carried out between Dr. Wang and expertise on the same time, topics focusing on various hot issues regarding starting new business in China, medical innovation and etc.  Dr. Yongkui Sun was so excited and outlined his innovation dream on the table in front of him. The neighbor experts moved around time to time for networking and opportunities sharing. All participants were appreciated and enjoyed the event hosted by Medicilon.

    During the meeting, a number of old friends of the Medicilon asked Dr. Wang about the recent development of Medicilon in China.  Dr. Wang briefly introduced Medicilon’s latest expansion of technology and new services provided during the discussion.  A number of corporate executives expressed their interests, some were consulted with Dr. Wendy Liu, BD of Medicilon Boston office, for more information and some were intended to further discuss with Dr. Jianfeng Wang, Senior BD of Medicilon New Jersey office, for detailed collaboration plan.

    Before the end, suggested by Dr. Wang, the group photo was taken to memorize this wonderful moment.

    Attending SAPA Annual Conference was a great opportunity to increase Medicilon’s exposure in the pharmaceutical industry, organizing luncheon meeting further helped in establishing mutual trust through in depth communication and sharing between Medicilon and our partners.  Dr. Wang achieved great success on the October trip to New Jersey.  The participation of SAPA Annual Conference expanded Medicilon’s brand awareness in New Jersey and even in the State and brought number of potential opportunities.  We look forward to the upcoming collaboration with SAPA and creating brilliance together.   Many thanks to our customers from New Jersey and the rest of North America, who chose and trust Medicilon.

▲Luncheon Meeting

▲Expertise toast for festival, including Dr. Jian Liu (left 4), newly assigned SAPA President; Dr. Jianfeng Wang (right 5), Senior BD of Medicilon New Jersey

▲Expertise were sharing entrepreneurial experience, including Dr. Yaolin Wang (left 1), started new business in China; Dr. Wu Du (right 2)

▲Dr. Jun Wang (right 3) were introducing Medicilon’s new milestones and updates in China

▲Expertise were carefully listening Dr. YongKui Sun (left 2) outlining his innovation dream, including Dr. Jun Wang (left 4), Dr. Wendy Liu (left 5), Dr. Cai Li (left 1), Dr. Tianquan Cai (left 3), Dr. Dongming Shen (right 1) and Dr. Derun Li (right 2)

▲Expertise were enjoying the discussion and sharing till evening

▲Group Photo was taken to commemorate this special moment

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