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Chemical & Engineering News :"Reforming Drug Approval in China"

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Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN): “Reforming Drug Approval in China”  


    The Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN) recently published an article in the Feb 08, 2016 issue “Reforming Drug Approval in China”, which proposed a very important message saying that “CFDA will speed up the approval process.”  In the article, it shared message of CFDA’s official, “CFDA will speed up the new drug approval process and improve the transparency of the drug approval process.” This will benefit the development of pharmaceutical industry in China.


    The author, Jean-François Tremblay, interviewed Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, about his view of the reform.  Dr. Chen pointed out that the reform would have a positive impact and brought a healthy and long-lasting development to pharmaceutical industry inChina.  In addition, Dr. Chen mentioned that Chinese clients of Medicilon business accounted for less than 1% before, but now the Chinese clients accounted half of the Medicilon business.

    “Chinese clients don’t have the know-how to implement good research practices, “said by Dr. Chen.  “Medicilon has rich experience on collaboration with foreign pharmaceutical companies.  This could provide our Chinese clients the professional know-how and the foreign standards.”  The speed up of the approval of new drugs also provides a good opportunity for the Chinese pharmaceutical to speed up their projects.

    Chemical & Engineering News is a weekly magazine published by the American Chemical Society. C&EN editors and reporters based in Europe, US and Asia cover science and technology, business and industry, government and policy, education, and employment aspects of the chemistry field.

    To read the full report, please send the email to  

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