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Medicilon Carnival and Appreciation Dinner

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On the evening of June 8, Medicilon Carnival and Appreciation Dinner of 2017 ended in Shanghai North Bund.  Because of the Bio-forum, Medicilon have invited more than 150 elites of new drug R&D at home and abroad to have a harmonious dinner and further communication.

▲Speech by CEO of Medicilon Dr Chen Chunlin


▲Dr Chen Chunlin and VPs of Medicilon

At the dinner, Dr. Chen Chunlin, CEO of Medicilon, made an opening speech to introduce the latest changes in Medicilon and show the company’s strategy for the next three years. Dr. Chen revealed that Medicilon’s inhalation and ophthalmic drug evaluation, chemicals and medical equipment commandments and other service platforms are currently under construction, and look forward to meet with clients as soon as possible. It is worth mentioning that Medicilon’s new laboratory in the town of Nanhui is about to be completed, and is expected to work in the latter half of the year.

Finally, Dr. Chen and VPs toasted to thank all of the clients for their 13 years of strong support.  Medicilon will always be customer-centric and make unremitting efforts for the bright future of pharmaceutical industry.

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