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Medicilon was Awarded The "Golden Horse Award-2021 Best Preclinical CRO/CDMO Enterprise"

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From October 19-21, 2021, a grand event that has attracted the attention of the national pharmaceutical industry, “2021 Nanjing International Summit on Innovation and Investment in Novel Medicine, Life and Health” was successfully held in Nanjing, China.

At the opening ceremony of the summit, the “China’s Biopharmaceutical Innovation Billboard” was announced.  Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) was awarded the “Golden Horse Award—2021 Best Preclinical CRO/CDMO Enterprise”, and ranked among the top CRO/CDMO companies in China’s pharmaceutical industry.  More than 300 industry stakeholders, including Chinese and foreign academicians, senior representatives of the industry organizations, representatives of investment institutions and pharmaceutical companies witnessed it together.

Medicilon's CDMO Service Platform
Medicilon has been listed in the 2021 "Top 20 CXO (including CDMO) Enterprises in China" for 4 consecutive years
Top 10 Global CDMO Enterprises
2021 Best Preclinical CRO/CDMO Enterprise
2021 Best Preclinical CRO/CDMO Enterprise

“China’s Biopharmaceutical Innovation Billboard” is organized by the Nanjing Municipal Government and co-organized by China’s Biopharmaceutical Industry Chain Innovation Alliance, Editorial Board of “Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences”, Pharmedcafe and Pharmacodia.  The Entrepreneurship Billboard has 20 years of development experience, combined with various mechanisms such as data analysis system, expert intelligence, and online intelligence.  It aims to “challenge the industry benchmarks, stimulate innovation and exploration, and cultivate the soil for innovation.”  The list is one of the most authoritative selections of the highest specifications in the biopharmaceutical industry in China.

    Medicilon’s CDMO Service Platform

Medicilon has constructed the GMP Drug Products Pilot Plant to meet the rising needs for innovative medicine R&D, production, packaging, inspections and stability tests. We are aiming for qualified CDMO services for clients with requirements for the development of innovative medicine.

On the occasion of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Medicilon won this award, which fully demonstrates the high recognition of industry experts.  During the 17 years of development, Medicilon has always placed R&D technology at a strategic height, with high investment on innovative technology, such as build a number of innovative service platforms and services – protein degradation technology (PROTAC), kinase inhibitor small molecule drug R&D platform, tumor immune efficacy evaluation, inhalation and ophthalmic drug evaluation, and AI-assisted new drug design, which leading the frontier of industry development.

In the future, Medicilon will continue to enhance its service capabilities with the concept of “Innovation Driven, Quality First” as always, and carry out extensive collaboration and exchanges with global pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, scientific research workers and other industries to promote the development of China’s innovative biopharmaceutical industry.

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