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Bao Pharmaceutical and Medicilon reached a strategic collaboration

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On December 17, 2021, Shanghai Bao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Bao) and Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) signed an innovative drug IND R&D service strategy collaboration agreement.

Yanjun Liu, Chairman of Bao Pharmaceuticals; Zheng Wang, General Manager of Bao Pharmaceuticals; Chunlin Chen, Founder & CEO of Medicilon and Jinna Cai, Chief Commercial Officer of Medicilon, attended the signing ceremony to witness the collaboration event .


At the signing ceremony, Mengxian Yu, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Luodian Town, Baoshan District, delivered a speech, expressing sincere congratulations on the cooperation between the two parties and expressing the government’s high hopes and wishes for the project, “Bao Pharmaceutical is the first batch of companies to settle in the North Shanghai Biopharmaceuticals Industrial Park, and has a clear leading advantage in the differentiated competition of biopharmaceuticals.  Medicilon is a leading professional biopharmaceuticals service company.  For this collaboration, the government of Baoshan will give full support in terms of policy and environment.  It is hoped that the collaboration between the two parties will be smooth and fruitful at an early stage to promote the higher-quality development of the North Shanghai Biopharmaceuticals Industrial Park.”

Dr. Chunlin Chen, Founder & CEO of Medicilon, delivered a speech, thanking the government for supporting and witnessing this collaboration.  In addition, Dr. Chen briefly introduced the development of Medicilon, and emphasized that Medicilon will gather a team of experts to promote the implementation of the project with high quality and efficiency. It is also hoped that in the long-term strategic collaboration between the two parties, many new drug R&D projects of Bao Pharmaceutical will be promoted to the clinic as soon as possible.

Yanjun Liu, Chairman of Bao Pharmaceuticals, said in his speech, “Medicilon is a professional and influential CRO, and Bao Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focusing on recombinant protein drugs and antibody drugs.  The two parties will rely on Baoshan Luodian, a place that is favorable in time, place, and people, and complement each other's strengths.”

Shanghai Bao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Medicilon Inc..png

The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on future collaboration, and formally signed a strategic collaboration agreement.  At the same time, Medicilon awarded Bao Pharmaceuticals the title of "Innovative Drug IND R&D Service Strategic Partner".  We are convinced that the in-depth collaboration between the two innovative companies will not only promote the research and development of recombinant protein drugs and antibody drugs in China, but will also have a profound impact on global new drug research and development.

In the future, Medicilon will continue to be an unswerving new drug enabler, helping global innovation partners to accelerate the development of new drugs, and forge ahead for the unfinished business of human health.

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