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Recording the Growth of Medicilon in 2021

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2021 is coming to end!
This year, Medicilon, with persistent belief, courageously and innovatively, pursued quality, and gave birth to the power of joint growth.

Today, we take you to review the 2021 and witness the growth and progress of Medicilon!


Coordinated Development of Biotechnology Drugs + Chemical Drugs

In 2021, Medicilon will continue to steadily promote the R&D strategic layout of chemical drugs and biotechnology drugs, in order to innovate simultaneously and develop collaboratively.  We will also continue to provide assistance for various drug R&D projects of clients with a comprehensive R&D platform and a solid and reliable technical level.
In terms of chemical drugs, Medicilon has established a new chemical high-activity laboratory, PROTAC in vitro R&D platform and microRNA drug synthesis platform.  We keep pace with the times, integrate advanced technology, and further enhance the R&D strength in the field of chemical small molecule drugs.

In terms of biotechnology drugs, Medicilon has innovated and developed RNA bioanalysis and detection platform, tumor immune preclinical research service platform, antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) preclinical service platform, and biotechnology drug non-human primate safety evaluation professional technical service platform.  Our R&D services cover various types of macromolecular biotechnology drugs such as monoclonal antibodies, double antibodies, CAR-T, CAR-NK, and antibody-conjugated drugs (ADC).


Internationalization + Localization

Medicilon closely follows the development of international pharmaceutical policies and regulations, and actively participates in the R&D projects of chemical drugs and biotechnology drugs worldwide.  In 2021, we have completed the R&D of multiple China-US dual reports (NMPA/FDA) and China-Australia dual reports (NMPA/TGA) projects for our clients.
In 2021, Medicilon has reached strategic partnerships with numerous innovative pharmaceutical companies to jointly endow China’s new drug research and development.

At the same time, Medicilon set its sights on the global pharmaceutical R&D territory, further strengthened its expansion in North America and Europe, and established an International R&D Service Department, equipped with senior management team and laboratory personnel, highly specialized laboratories and equipment to laid a solid foundation for providing efficient and high-quality services.  In addition, the International R&D Service Department keeps up with new developments and new technologies in drug design and synthesis, such as artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), protein degradation targeting chimera (PROTAC), high-activity drugs and antibody-drug conjugates (ADC), direct functionalization of inert carbon-hydrogen bonds, photo-redox reactions, and flow chemistry.  Medicilon provide high-quality, efficient and cost-effective synthetic chemistry, drug design, and new drug candidate compound services for global drug research and development clients.

Large animal model.jpg

Large Animal Model + Small Animal Model Fully Established

In response to industry and market demand for drugs and treatment methods, Medicilon will continue to improve preclinical drug efficacy evaluation models and methods during 2021.  Medicilon also established a new mouse model of Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion (MCAO), and improved the evaluation of cellular immunotherapy commonly used homologous mouse models, transgenic models, orthotopic tumor models, and humanized mouse models for immune system reconstruction.

At the same time, Medicilon actively tackled the problem of drug efficacy modeling and successfully built a large animal drug efficacy model platform that can undertake diabetes, obesity, hyperlipidemia, osteoporosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver/hepatitis, liver cancer, and cardiovascular diseases (heart failure and atherosclerosis), chronic kidney disease, ophthalmic diseases (dry eye, cataract, glaucoma, AMD, DME), neurological diseases (AD, PD, ALS, spinal injury) and other diseases for preclinical research.


AI + Laboratory Cross-Industry Collaboration

In 2021, as the first batch of the members of the Zhangjiang AI New Drug R&D Alliance, Medicilon collaborated with a number of international leading AI companies to combine the professional preclinical laboratory one-stop service with advanced AI computing to reach the goal of high-quality, high-efficiency and cost-effective.  Currently, Medicilon AI-assisted new drug design platform uses deep neural network machine learning technology to establish a BTK inhibitor drug design model and is committed to establishing a BTK inhibitor drug molecular design and screening platform to implement "CRO+AI".

Nanhui Park.jpg

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Nanhui Park + Chuansha Park + Zhangjiang Park Endow New Drugs Together

The preclinical animal laboratory in Medicilon's Nanhui Park has been gradually put into use, and the Chuansha Park and Zhangjiang Park both perform their own duties and collaborate with each other. The newly added laboratory of nearly 20,000 square meters will be used to expand the non-clinical pharmacokinetic research and safety evaluation services.

With the increase in the laboratory area, there is also the size of the Medicilon family.  Medicilon currently has more than 2,000 employees, which injects innovation vitality into the company's continuous tackling challenges and stimulates the endogenous motivation for high-quality development.

Approved Achievement.png

Approved Achievement + Market Recognition to Move Forward

According to incomplete statistics, in 2021, Medicilon has successfully obtained more than 70 clinically approved projects in collaboration with clients. While empowering more clients to achieve their new drug, the "success" achieved has also been recognized by the market:
  1. 1. Included in the MSCI China A-Share Index (MSCI, an international index compilation company)

  2. 2. "2021 Most Valuable Sci-tech Innovation Board Biomedicine Listed Company" (Science and Technology Innovation Daily)

  3. 3. "Science and Innovation Golden Horse's Outstanding Company Award" (Securities Daily)

  4. 4. "Top 50 Listed Companies for Growth" (Securities Times)

  5. 5. " Golden Bull Science and Technology Innovation Award " (China Securities Journal) 

  6. 6. "Excellent Expert Workstation" (Shanghai Academician Expert Workstation Guidance Office) 

  7. 7. Shanghai "Quality Benchmark" title (Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission) 

  8. 8. "2021 China Listed Companies Public Welfare Award" (2021 China Listed Companies Forum) 

  9. 9. 2021 "Shanghai Municipal Patent Work Enterprise" (Shanghai Intellectual Property Office)

  10. 10. "Science and Technology Innovation Service Demonstration Cases" (2021 China International Fair for Trade in Services)

  11. 11. "Golden Horse Award-2021 Best Preclinical CRO/CDMO Enterprise" (The 15th China Listed Company Value Selection)

  12. 12. "Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center" (Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission)

Looking back at this year's growth is a concise and a summarize thought.  Standing at a new starting point in 2022, Medicilon inherits the past and inspires the future, continues to adhere to "innovation-driven, quality first", and draws a blueprint for "beauty" in the era of new drugs.
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