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Medicilon won the 2020 "Golden Bull Science and Technology Innovation Award"

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On December 20, China Securities Journal announced the list of the 23rd (2020) "Golden Bull Awards" for listed companies.  Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) won the 2020 "Golden Bull Science and Technology Innovation Award."

This is after Medicilon's "Internet + One-Stop Preclinical Medicine R&D Service Platform" was awarded "Science and Technology Innovation Service Demonstration Cases" and won the "Golden Horse Award-2021 Best Preclinical CRO/CDMO" on the China Biomedical Industry Chain Innovation and recongized as the "Shanghai Enterprise Technology Center", Medicilon's scientific and technological innovation strength has been recognized by the market again.

Golden Bull Science and Technology Innovation Award.png

The "Golden Bull Award" is a financial brand created by China Securities Journal and the most influential award in China's capital market.  Since the China Securities Journal launched the first selection of "China's Top 50 Listed Companies with the Most Development Potential" in July 1999, the selection of the Golden Bull Award for listed companies has reached the 23rd.  The Golden Bull Award has witnessed the development of the capital market, recorded the extraordinary performance of listed companies in the securities market, and selected a group of outstanding listed companies that have standardized governance, performance growth, and actively repay shareholders and the society.

Technological innovation is an important engine for the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry and the core driving force of Medicilon's 17-year steady and rapid development.  Medicilon now has an R&D laboratory of approximately 73,800 square metersand has more than 2,000 employees.  Medicilon continues to increase the investment in R&D and innovation. In the first half of 2021, R&D expenses were over RMB 34 million, an increase of 77.04% over the same period from last year. (Source: Medicilon's 2021 semi-annual report)  If it is said that innovation is the driving force of Medicilon's development, Medicilon's people are the protagonists of innovation.  Deeply planted in the fertile soil of innovation, Medicilians stand up to the forefront of every wave of surging, and innovating technology service platforms that are at the forefront of the times, helping the new drug to enter the clinic.

In the future, Medicilon will continue to make persistent efforts to increase the investment in R&D and innovation, to deepen the training of talents team, and to strive to be the leader of technological innovation in China's pharmaceutical industry.

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