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Holiday Promotion: Medicilon Antibody Development Technology Service with Discount Price

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After 18 years of ups and downs, Medicilon has moved forward step by step from setting sail to sailing in full swing, and has grown into one of the best of one-stop biomedical preclinical R&D service platform in China.  This is inseparable from your trust and support.  This winter, Medicilon is grateful for the clients and thanks for the love and support.

Medicilon Antibody Development Technical Service is here to help you develop new drugs with high cost performance, high efficiency and high quality.

Medicilon provides antibody drugs discovery, CMC research (API + formulation), pharmacodynamics research, PK study, safety evaluation and other services. As of the end of June 2023, Medicilon has successfully assisted in the clinical approval of 31 antibody drugs (8 approved by FDA and NMPA, 1 approved by NMPA and TGA, 1 approved by FDA, NMPA, and TGA) and has multiple antibody projects under development.

Special Offer on Antibody Development Technology Services

After decades of research and development, antibody drugs have made great progress in the field of tumor and autoimmune disease treatment, and have broad development prospects in the field of medicine.  As far as the monoclonal antibody drug market is concerned, it is expected that the global antibody drug will exceed USD 230 billion in 2023, accounting for more than 50% of the global biological products market.  In addition, antibody drugs approved by the FDA account for about one-fifth of new drugs approved every year.  All kinds of data show that antibody drugs have become an important part of modern biomedicine.

Medicilon’s antibody development technical service discount covers the full line of ADA antibody development technical services and druggable antibody development technical services.  The 20% off discount applies to the completion of ADA rabbit polyclonal antibody development, ADA mouse hybridoma monoclonal antibody development, phage display rabbit monoclonal antibody development services, mouse monoclonal antibody development technical services, mouse/rabbit single B cell antibody development technical services, etc.  30% off discount will be applied to the order with over USD 14,000!

Promtion Period:

From now until January 20, 2023

antibody develop.webp

Medicilon has advanced antibody development platform technology and equipment to help clients to complete their projects efficiently:

1 Antigen Purification:With advanced purification equipment, the purity of antigen can be as high as 95%;

2 Animal Immunization: SPF level experimental animal room, professional and compliant experimental management system;

3 High-Throughput Screening: Automatic sampler, robotic arm combined with fully automatic plate washing machine realizes a large number of screening up to 200 plates at a time, which greatly saves time and labor and improves efficiency;

4 Antibody Detection: Equip advanced ELISA and flow cytometry technology to conduct antibody binding experiments to ensure the delivery standards of antibodies.

Protein Purifier.webp

Protein Purifier

Elisa washer.webp

ELISA Washer

Flow Cytometer.webp

Flow Cytometer

Animal Room.webp

Animal Room

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