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Medicilon Appoints Dr. Zhenrong Guo as Executive Vice President of VCMC

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Recently, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (stock code: 688202.SH) (Medicilon) announced the appointment of Dr. Zhenrong Guo as the Executive Vice President of VCMC(APIs + Preparations).

Dr. Zhenrong Guo, professor-level senior engineer; Ph.D. from University of Western Ontario, Canada; MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University, USA; Post-Doctoral Fellow at Monell Chemical Senses Center and University of California, Berkeley, USA.  Dr. Guo was the vice chairman of the Pharmaceutical Engineering Professional Committee of Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Association, and is currently an adjunct professor at Zhejiang University of Technology.

zhengrong guo.jpg

Dr. Guo has been deeply involved in the field of innovative drug R&D for more than 30 years, and has rich experience in CMC R&D and management.  Dr. Guo has successfully published 26 papers in top international journals, obtained a total of 33 patents in the United States or China, undertook a number of major national new drug projects and major science and technology projects in Zhejiang Province, led the R&D and production of more than 10 new drugs, including the fields of tumor, diabetes and other major diseases.  With his profound R&D technical strength and his industry contributions, Dr. Guo was awarded the “West Lake Friendship Award” in Zhejiang Province.  Prior joining Medicilon, Dr. Zhenrong Guo served as a senior executive in well-known pharmaceutical companies such as Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical, and Apeloa Pharmaceutical.

Dr. Zhenrong Guo said, “I am honored to join Medicilon and also deeply impressed by itsintegrated preclinical research services, diverse innovative drug R&D platforms, and a management  team with vision and insight. I’m looking forward to cooperating with future co-workers in Medicilon to accelerate the process of global innovative drugs and create more unprecedented opportunities for patients around the world.”

Dr. Chunlin Chen, Founder and CEO of Medicilon, said, “Dr. Guo has excellent R&D strength, business leadership and strategic thinking, and has rich industry accumulation in the CDMO field.  We expect that on the basis of the existing pharmaceutical research service platforms including One-Stop API Process R&D Platform and Preparation CDMO Service Platform, Dr. Guo will lead Medicilon in the field of small nucleic acid drugs, green chemical synthesis, salt form and crystal type screening and process safety research to expand.  We are delighted to welcome Dr. Zhenrong Guo to join Medicilon, which is a powerful addition to Medicilon's vision of the company.”

After years of experience accumulation and laboratory construction, Medicilon's process department not only can carry out the R&D, production and stability research of innovative drug for clinical phase I and II, but also gradually develop from process research and development to commercial production. This could help the R&D enterprises to carry out actual technology transformation and shorten the time to launch to the market. In addition, the generic drug development, testing and stability studies can also be carried out for the clients.

Medicilon Formulation Department is committed to providing clients with one-stop and systematic formulation development services.  With oral solid preparation GMP workshop and GMP preparation analysis laboratory, Medicilon can undertake the whole process of preparation research and development from project evaluation, pre-prescription research, preparation process research, quality research, clinical sample production, stability research, registration and approval, etc.

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