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Medicilon won the "Top 50 China Best Employer Award 2021" on March 9

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On March 9, the “Hi Liquid Workplace” 2021 China Annual Best Employer Awards Ceremony of the Yangtze River Delta region ended successfully online.  Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) won the “Top 50 China Best Employer Award 2021.”.

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The selection of "China's Best Employer Award 2021" was initiated by Zhaopin, China's leading human capital ecological value chain platform.  It aims to discover Chinese employer brand benchmarking companies from an independent and objective standpoint through professional and scientific surveys and selections, and to explore the development trends of these best employers in the fields of corporate management and human capital, so that to provide companies with management and employer brand strategies.  At the same time, through insight into changes in workplace needs, it provides job seekers with effective standards for “good employers” and “good jobs” to further strengthen the mutual cooperation between employers and employees, and achieves "win-win" development for both employers and employees.

Enterprises are established by their talents, and industries are prosperous by their talents.  Since its establishment, Medicilon has always regarded talents as its core capital, paid attention to the growth and development of employees, established a talent training and reserve system, and provided new employee induction training (new star talent project), job skills training, and management skills training (elite talents project / Mini MBA project).  Medicilon pays attention to the career development of employees, and provides employees with a "double ladder" development model of professional and management access.  Medicilon pays attention to the cultural and recreational life of employees, and hold corporate cultural activities such as singles networking, sports competition, and singing contest.  The perfect human resource management system drives the continuous development and growth of the Medicilon family.
At present, Medicilon has more than 2,000 employees, and more than 92% of R&D personnel have a bachelor's degree or above.  Having a large number of outstanding pharmaceutical talents is the key to Medicilon's rapid development in the past 18 years.  This also provides a strong guarantee for Medicilon’s future technological development and project implementation.
Dr. Chunlin Chen, the Founder and CEO of Medicilon said, “We are very honored to be awarded the honorary title of “Top 50 China Best Employer Award 2021”, which is a high affirmation of Medicilon's long-term emphasis on and active implementation of talent strategy, and also a recognition that every employee has long accompanied the company's growth and unremitting efforts.  In the future, Medicilon will continue to implement a talent strategy that keeps pace with the times and empowers the development of talents in the pharmaceutical industry.  We are looking forward to more aspiring talents to join Medicilon and seek benefits for human health.”
About Medicilon
Since the founding of our company in 2004, Medicilon (Stock Code: 688202.SH) has grown into one of the professional drug discovery contract research organizations (CRO) in China.  Over the years, Medicilon keeps improving their services in biotechnology and pharmaceutical research.  Their services now span across medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, in vitro and in vivo DMPK, preclinical development and bioanalytical support.  Medicilon grows together with the clients and delivers the new drug research and development services to more than 900 clients globally.  Medicilon is proud to contribute to human health in the globe.
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