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Medicilon was selected into the Biomedicine Index

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On April 12, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and China Securities Index Co., Ltd. Announced the  release of the STAR Market Biomedicine Index (Biomedicine Index) on May 9, 2022.
Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) was selected as a sample of the Biomedicine Index and became one of the top 5 heavyweight stocks (The combined weight of the top 5 heavyweight stocks is 33%).

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The Biomedicine Index is another major industry index representing the STAR market following the STAR 50 Index and the STAR Information Index, which will further enrich the index system of the STAR market.
According to the SSE, Medicilon’s overall "hard technology" attributes are prominent in the samples of the Biomedicine Index.  Medicilon, as a professional biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service CRO, continuously empowers the development of pharmaceutical with technological innovation, and has participated in the R&D of 221 new drug projects that have been approved for clinical trials.  In 2021 alone, there were 85 NMPA approvals, 14 US FDA approvals, and 1 Australian TGA approval for clinical trials.  Among them, 8 projects have achieved double approvals by China and the United States and 1 project has achieved double approvals in China and Australia.  In 2022, Medicilon will expand the innovative service platforms such as chemical high activity laboratory, nucleic acid drug bioanalysis platform, antibody drug discovery platform, and stroke pharmacodynamic model platform.
Technological innovation is inseparable from R&D investment. Medicilon has always taken "innovation" as the driving force of the company's development by continue to increase the R&D investment and focus on talent training.  The R&D investment increased by 65.57% from last year.  The company has 2,440 employees, an increase of 48.60%.  The rising R&D investment, the constantly expanding R&D team, and the continuous increase of innovative service platforms have jointly built the technological moat of Medicilon.
In addition to being selected as a sample of the Biomedicine Index, Medicilon has also been included in the STAR 50 Index and the MSCI China A-Share Index.
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