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Medicilon assists Carephar first potassium-ion-competitive acid blocker "Carenoprazan Tablets" approved for sales in China

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On February 15, the Class 1 new drug Carenoprazan Hydrochloride Tablets, for the treatment of duodenal ulcer and reflux esophagitis, independently developed by Jiangsu Carephar Pharmaceutical (Carephar) was officially approved for sales in market.

Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon), as a partner of Carephar, with its solid research and development capabilities, has provided Carenoprazan’s research and development from compound design to preclinical candidate compounds, as well as most of the in vitro H+K+-ATPase testing and other services and the Carenoprazan has been successfully approved.

Medicilon Drug Discovery Services
Open the door to innovative medicine with science and expertise

Drug discovery is the first stage of drug development and a key element that directly affects the success of new drug development.  As a one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service platform, Medicilon can provide one-stop service for drug discovery after 19 years of intensive innovation.

Medicilon can undertake different kind of chemistry services such as custom synthesis, compound library construction, SAR compound synthesis and screening, and compound structure and biological activity optimization.  In terms of biology services, Medicilon could provide reparation of hybridoma antibody/genetic engineering antibody, protein expression and purification, X-ray crystal structure analysis/cryo-electron microscopy protein structure analysis, small molecule/antibody drug conjugate/antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity detection, organoid drug screening, screening of small molecule inhibitors/agonists targeting enzymes/receptors, protein-protein/protein-small molecule affinity determination, virtual screening and computer simulation-assisted drug design, gene editing and stable cell line construction, CAR-T/CAR-NK construction and target cell killing experiments, M9 selenium medium preparation, as well as research services on the molecular mechanism of drugs.

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