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CGeneTech and Medicilon Held the Conference Titled "PROTAC Project Contract Signing & Kick-off Meeting”

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Shanghai, China, Dec. 2nd, 2020 — CGeneTech (Suzhou, China) Co., Ltd and Medicilon Inc. successfully held the conference titled “PROTAC project contract signing & kick-off meeting”. The conference adopted virtual digital mode due to the influence of COVID-19. The attendees are listed below:

CGeneTECH (Suzhou, China) Co, Ltd

  •   Dr. Yu Qiang, CEO of CGeneTech

  •   Dr. Tong Wang, Chief Scientific Research Officer

  •   Mr. Yan Hao, Chief Product President

Medicilon Inc.

  •   Dr. Chunlin Chen, Founder & CEO

  •   Dr. Feng Ren, Senior Vice President of Chemistry and Biology Department

  •   Dr. Ma Xingquan, Vice President of Chemistry Department

  •   Etc.

Protac Project

The PROTAC project signed on the meeting is an integrated package research cooperation based on PROTAC technology. The two parties will once again join forces to strive for the successful development of PROTAC technology.

     Medicilon Discovery Chemistry PROTAC Platform

Medicilon’s PROTAC drug discovery technology platform covers the currently popular target protein ligands. Medicilon has established a linker system with an extensive collection of bifunctional linkers. Together with our expanding E3 ubiquitin ligase binder library, Medicilon can efficiently synthesize a substantial amount of highly active PROTAC bispecific small molecules, which would have the potential to significantly facilitate the drug discovery and development process. In addition, Medicilon has established as well as improved the PROTAC biological screening and testing platform throughout the pre-clinical stages.

At the beginning of the meeting, as partners for more than 8 years, both companies expressed their trust and gratitude to each other. Then, Dr. Yu Qiang, on behalf of CGenetech, and Dr. Feng Ren, on behalf of Medicion, signed the project contract. Afterwards, Dr. Ma Xingquan reported on the project arrangements and technical preparations. The two parties fully communicated on the issues of concern in the project, reached a preliminary consensus, and ended the meeting in a pleasant atmosphere.

In Vitro Evaluation of PROTAC Molecules
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