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Fosun Health Capital reached a cooperation agreement with Medicilon to explore innovative drug research and development together

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On July 25, 2023, Fosun Health Capital established by Fosun Pharma(stock code:600196.SH), reached a strategic partnership with Medicilon(stock code: 688202.SH). Meanwhile StarMab Biology (Suzhou) ( referred to as "StarMab Biology",jointly invested by the innovation drug research fund of Fosun Group and Yaopharma) and Medicilon entered into a strategic cooperation for innovative drug IND research and application services. This strategic partnership indicates a significant step forward in the cooperation between Fosun Health Capital and Medicilon, with milestone for both parties' development.

Cui Zhiping, Co-CEO and General Manager of Fosun Health Capital, Chen Chunlin, Founder and CEO of Medicilon, along with members from both sides attended the signing ceremony together and witnessed the contract.

The signing ceremony.webp

According to the strategic cooperation agreement, Medicilon will leverage its international perspective and rich experience in R&D to provide innovative drug enterprises invested by Fosun Health Capital with services,such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, preclinical research, IND registration declaration, etc., aiming to facilitate cooperation in 10 innovative drug IND projects. Medicilon will also provide professional opinions on the rationality of product development clinical programs, product success probability analysis, product market potential, etc. Furthermore, Medicilon will facilitate investment cooperation and create an ecosystem linking innovative drug investment and business cooperation. As for StarMab Biology, Medicilon will provide comprehensive and high-quality preclinical research services. Through this strategic cooperation, all parties will integrate respective technology, market and talent advantages, embrace the trends and technological changes in bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry, promote deeper and broader exploration in various fields, and explore the possibilities of new drug development.

About Fosun Health Capital:
As the first VC fund in the field of new drugs initiated by Fosun Pharma, Fosun Health Capital primarily invests biopharmaceutical sector projects in early-stage and expansion-stage, which have technological innovation and rapid growth potential. It is committed to incubating high-quality projects from universities and research institutes and introducing leading overseas biotechnology technologies and products to China through introduction and cooperation models.

About Medicilon:
Medicilon as an integrated CRO provides comprehensive one-stop R&D services for pharmaceutical enterprises and scientific research institutions around the world. Medicilon has built an integrated platform covering key technologies in drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, and preclinical research, to provide  comprehensive preclinical R&D services for the global biomedical industry.

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