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Fudan University, School of Management "Science and Technology Entrepreneur Camp" entered Medicilon: "Hardcore Technology" as the background color, Adding "luster" to new drug research and development

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On July 14, Professor Xiongwen Lu, Dean of the School of Management of Fudan University, led the professor group of Fudan School of Management and the students of the fifth phase of the Fudan Science and Technology Entrepreneur Camp into the Zhangjiang Park of Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) to conduct a site visit.  Dr. Chunlin Chen, the founder and CEO of Medicilon, and others gave a warm reception.  The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on technological entrepreneurship, enterprise management, and industry development trends.

Fudan University School of Management Science and Technology Entrepreneur Camp entered Medicilon.webp

In order to experience the development process of Medicilon, Dr. Chunlin Chen led the scientific and technological entrepreneurs to visit the Medicilon cultural wall.   Dr. Chen introduced Medicilon has adhered to scientific and technological innovation since its establishment 19 years ago, benchmarked against international frontier fields, increased investment in research and development, and overcome key core technologies.  As a result, Medicilon has grown into a rare one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service platform in China, helping 1,840 customers to accelerate drug R&D, and 330 drugs that have participated in the R&D have been approved for clinical trials.  This visit made the visiting science and technology entrepreneurs truly feel Medicilon's service concept of "innovation-driven, quality first", as well as its solid technological background of daring to overcome difficulties and bravely climb the peak of technology.

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