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Medicilon Helps iMBioRay's CAR-raNK Cell Therapy Approved Clinical Trial

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Recently, IBR854 Cell Injection of iMBioRay (Hangzhou) Biomedical Co., Ltd. (iMBioRay) obtained the permission of the NMPA for clinical trials.  IBR854 Injection is a universal off-the-shelf CAR-raNK cell product derived from allogeneic peripheral blood.  The indication is the treatment of patients with unresectable locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors who currently have no or cannot tolerate standard treatment. It is the first non-gene-modified CAR-raNK cell therapy for solid tumors in China, and the world's first FIC (First in class) products.

Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon), as a partner of IBR854 Cell Injection, provides efficient, high-quality and comprehensive preclinical research services (including pharmacokinetic studies and safety evaluation) in compliance with GLP regulations.  The IBR854 Cell Injection is successfully approved at the end.

Medicilon cell immunotherapy drug service platform
Enabling the sustainable development of global cellular immunotherapy

Cellular immunotherapy is currently known as the most promising treatment for cancer.  In recent years, China's cell therapy industry is booming, and the advent of innovative drugs represented by CAR-T cell therapy has endowed immune cell therapy with more potential.

Medicilon, as a one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical comprehensive R&D service CRO in China, has always been at the forefront of advanced technology, and has built a one-stop research platform for the preclinical R&D of cellular immunotherapy drugs.  Using a wealth of animal models and a variety of advanced analytical techniques, Medicilon could provide pharmacodynamic research, drug safety evaluation, and pharmacokinetic research for a variety of immunotherapeutic drugs including CAR-T, TCR-T, and CAR-NK, bioanalysis and other R&D services.  Medicilon has completed several preclinical development projects of immunotherapy programs for clients worldwide.

The clinical approval of IBR854 injection means that China's NK cell therapy industry has taken a further step forward, which strongly proves the advantages and innovation capabilities of iMBioRay’s CAR-raNK cell technology platform, as well as the R&D service strength of Medicilon’s cell immunotherapy drug platform.  Both parties accumulated valuable experience to develop more cellular immunotherapy drugs in the future.

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