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Focus on Universal CAR-NK Cell Therapy! Medicilon's Partner Imbioray Completes 230 million Round A Financing

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On February 22, Shanghai Medicilon Inc (Medicilon)’s partner Imbioray (Hangzhou) Biomedicine Co., Ltd. (Imbioray) announced the completion of RMB 230 million Round A financing.


Accelerating the Advancement of Universal CAR-NK Cell Therapy

Founded in 2014, Imbioray is engaged in the treatment of tumors and immune diseases.  In 2016, Imbioray focused on the development of innovative general-purpose off-the-shelf CAR-NK cell therapy.  Through its original technology platform, Imbioray developed a series of cell and antibody drugs, dedicated to solving unmet clinical diseases.  In addition, multiple product pipelines are being simultaneously advanced to the clinic.
This round of financing will be used to advance the development of Imbioray’s unique non-genetically modified CAR-raNK® and tiNK® cell therapies, to promote the company's leading off-the-shelf CAR-raNK® cell therapy candidates IBR733 and IBR854 to the clinical stage, to accelerate the IND-enabling research of the company's multiple tiNK® and NK Cell Engager cell therapy candidates as well as new GMP plant construction and workforce development.  The financing could also strengthen the external business collaboration and replenish the working capital.

Medicilon One-stop Preclinical Service Platform for Cellular Immunotherapy Drugs
All-Round Support for CAR-NK Preclinical Development

CAR-NK adoptive cell therapy is to modify NK cells with CAR gene to give NK cells the ability to target and recognize tumor cells. After in vitro expansion, they are injected into the human body to achieve the effect of tumor treatment.  Compared with CAR-T cells, CAR-NK has a wide range of sources and is more suitable for in vitro culture and genetic modification, and also has the potential to be applied to allogeneic cells.  Solid tumors are sensitive to antigen-dependent NK cells, and CAR-NK has advantages for solid tumors.  In addition, the production process of CAR-NK is much more simpler, which is expected to greatly shorten the treatment cycle and price.
General off-the-shelf CAR-NK therapy meets the industry needs and trends to improve cell-manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs.  We believe that the prospects and markets of CAR-NK therapy will be limitless.
Driven by the development of the industry, Medicilon has established a one-stop preclinical research and development platform for cellular immunotherapy drugs in order to meet clients requirements, which can undertake a variety of immunotherapy methods including CAR-NK, but not limited to CAR- T, TCR-T, CAR-NK, TIL, in vitro/in vivo pharmacodynamic studies, pharmacokinetic studies, safety evaluation, etc.  Medicilon has completed multiple preclinical development projects of tumor immunotherapy programs for clients.

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