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Medicilon and Infinite Intelligence Pharma Reached a Strategic Collaboration

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Recently, Shanghai Medicilon Inc. (Medicilon) signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Infinite Intelligence Pharma (IIP).

IIP has an AI+new drug R&D platform with independent intellectual property rights - PharmaMind™ and an AI+target discovery platform - TopTargets™, which has an industry-leading First-in-Class candidate drug development success rate and is committed to efficient batches development of original innovative drug varieties.  IIP also provides advanced software products, technical services and solutions for pharmaceutical companies' new drug research and development.

Medicilon and Infinite Intelligence Pharma reached a strategic collaboration.webp

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Medicilon, as a pharmaceutical preclinical R&D service CRO, can provide services such as drug discovery, pharmaceutical research, and preclinical research.  Among them, the preclinical research section has passed AAALAC certification, NMPA GLP certification, FDA GLP laboratory verification, and complies with TGA and OECD GLP standards, supporting multiple declaration projects in different countries. Relying on an efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service platform, Medicilon has successfully assisted 268 IND approvals in clinical trials. (Data as of the end of June 2022)

This collaboration is the integration of the new forces of AI pharmaceuticals and the superior resources of CRO, and it is also the exploration and innovation of both parties in promoting the process of new drug research and development.  The two parties will adhere to the principle of "complementary advantages, resource sharing, and win-win collaboration", and have full advantages of their respective expertise.  Based on Medicilon's one-stop pharmaceutical preclinical research and development service platform, combined with IIP's PharmaMind™ and TopTargets™ platforms, this reduces the costs and increases efficiency for key links in new drug research and development. At the same time, through a variety of business collaboration models, both parties could empower the vigorous development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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