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Medcilon Appointed Dr. Jianguo Ma As VP of Chemistry

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Medicilon appointed Dr. Jianguo Ma as the VP of Chemistry recently.  Dr. Ma will be the in charge person of the amplification of drug intermediates production and API production.  Dr. Ma will help Medicilon to establish the Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) Platform for R&D and manufacturing.  The CDMO Platform is for research, development, process optimization and large-scale production of the new drug, newly marketed APIs, generic drugs and cGMP standard intermediates in perclinical and clinical research phase.  The CDMO Platform could provide the customers an integrated service of CMC (Chemical, Manufacturing & Control) solutions.  In addition, the CDMO Platform could help the innovative drug companies to receive their clinical documentations and provide APIs to expedite their clinical trials.  Vigorous efforts will be made to develop the new technology such as continuous reactions and biocatalysis.  These new technologies will be applied and used to the pharmaceutical industry.

Managed by a professional team with rich experience, the Chemistry Department at Medicilon is striving to provide superior service to our sponsors. Our team is composed of more than 250 seasoned chemists, who are able to synthesize high-quality compounds for our sponsors with fast turn-around time. We offer a full service spectrum spanning across synthetic chemistry, process development that follows ICH and CFDA regulations, API production, and analytical support.  Our compound synthesis productions capability ranges from mg to large quantities.  Medicilon has an excellent track record of advancing projects from idea stage to API production.


“Dr. Ma has extensive experience in research and development of APIs and intermediates.  He has leaded and participated in a number of major innovative drugs and generic drug research projects.  Dr. Ma has developed more than 20 APIs and intermediates in a cost-effective production process.  Dr. Ma also vigorously develops the new technologies including continuous reactions and biocatalysis and applies these technologies to the commercial production.”  Dr. Chunlin Chen, CEO of Medicilon, said, “I believe the Dr. Ma’s joining will help Medicilon to serve our clients in a more professional and efficient way.”

Dr. Jianguo Ma received his Organic Synthesis PhD at University of Montreal.  Dr. Ma is also the postdoctoral fellow at Department of Chemistry of Harvard University.  He was a former senior technical researcher for AstraZenac and Sepracor/Sunovion.  Dr. Ma returned to China in 2012 and he served as VP of Research and Development for Asymchem, a listed company, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Chongqing Boteng Pharmacy Technology Co., Ltd.

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