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Medicilon 20th Anniversary - Keep pace with the times in innovation, thanks for having you

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In 2024, Medicilon will celebrate its 20th anniversary.  At the time of departure, Medicilon shouldered the dream of China's new drug research and development, took root in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, and embarked on a long journey to pursue the dream.  During the past 20 years, Medicilon has transformed into a leading one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D service CRO in China, and is moving forward with its goal of being a world-class CRO.

From chemical drugs to bi/multi-specific antibodies, ADCs, nucleic acids, mRNA, PROTAC, CGT and other fields, Medicilon continue to move towards the forefront of technology.  From the initial provision of chemical services to one-stop biopharmaceutical preclinical R&D services, Medicilon continue to expand the services.  From 0 to 420 IND approvals, Medicilon helps customers complete new drug clinical trial applications from China NMPA, US FDA, EU EMEA and Australia TGA.  These include the world's first inhaled nanobody drug for the treatment of moderate to severe asthma, the world's first innovative drug targeting RNA helicase, the world's first dual-antibody ADC drug that completely knocks out fucose, the world's first CAR-raNK cell therapy, China's first ADC targeting folate receptor FRα, China's first potassium ion competitive acid blocker Keprasen tablets, China's first clinically approved STING agonist, China's first original highly selective EP4 receptor antagonist, China's first Muc1-ADC drug and more.

Medicilon collaborates with pharmaceutical companies to enable one-stop preclinical research and development of new drugs, collaborates with universities to promote in-depth integration of industry, academia and research, and collaborates with AI pharmaceutical companies to accelerate drug discovery and development.  The Medicilon Academician Innovative Drug Maturation Center has established a new drug investment and financing support platform to provide financial support for new drug research and development.  Furthermore, Medicilon has established a new drug research and development trading platform to facilitate the transformation and trading of new drug research and development stage results, thereby building a new drug empowerment ecosystem and promoting the integration and orderly development of industry, academia, research and finance.  This is the joining and companionship of fellows that gathers the strength to be at the forefront and the efforts and perseverance of fellows that drive China's biopharmaceutical to the world.

Medicilon is grateful for the era, grateful for exploration, and grateful for having you along the way.

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