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Medicilon and Wuhan biolake successfully organized a biopharmaceutical salon

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The 5th Optics Valley Bio-City Biomedical Enterprise Salon was successfully held in Wuhan on March 27, 2013. This meeting was jointly organized by Wuhan Biomedical Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd. Chen Chunlin, CEO of Medicilon, attended the meeting, and there were more than 80 representatives from more than 40 park enterprises in this salon.

medicilon and Wuhan biolake successfully organized a biopharmaceutical salon.jpg

Li Zhe, general manager of Wuhan Optics Valley Baiqiao International Biotechnology Co., Ltd., introduced the latest policies and development in the biological industry. Dr. Gu Xingchu and Dr. Chai Guixuan from Medicilon delivered speeches on the safety evaluation of new traditional Chinese medicines and biopharmaceuticals respectively. Gao Jenny, the registration manager of Medicilon, shared the important points and experience of new drug application registration based on her rich registration experience.

At the exchange meeting, three scholars from Medicilon and participants conducted in-depth discussions on the topic of the speech, especially putting forward their views on the registration of new drugs. This exchange will give pharmaceutical companies in Wuhan Optics Valley a clearer impression of Medicilon, and lay a good foundation for future in-depth cooperation.


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