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Medicilon and Soonfast Pharmaceutical signed the collaboration agreement

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Medicilon and Soonfast Pharmaceutical signed a collaboration contract on Oct 14.  According to the contract, Medicilon will complete the preclinical research of anti-HPV virus and its related disease and apply both the China and USA clinical trials.  The anti-HPV project has been received the patents from more than 10 countries which include China, USA, Japan and Europe.

After the project evaluation by Medicilon, Medicilon decided to use the risk-sharing model to collaborate with Soonfast Pharmaceutical.  Medicilon will provide comprehensive and one-stop integrated preclinical service.  Both parties will form a strategic partnership, so that the resources from both companies could be fully integrated each other.  Soonfast Pharmaceutical owns the worldwide patent of new drug, while Medicilon, which has 10 years of CRO experience on filing IND, provides fully integrated preclinical service with professional scientists.  This kind of collaboration would be the most efficient way to apply the new drug application.

Medicilon is a Preclinical Research Outsourcing (CRO) company. With more than 10 years of experience on preclinical research services, we are dedicated to provide our clients with customized preclinical services program in drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, efficacy studies, and toxicology. We provide our clients a high-quality data and rapid turnaround time to support their drug development, preclinical studies and clinical research and to help them to select the most valuable drug candidates for clinical development.
Medicilon's preclinical research services consist of three major parts: pharmacokinetics, disease models and drug safety evaluation. Our preclinical research services cover design, in vivo studies, sample analysis, data analysis, IACUC review, and the preparation of regulatory application materials.

Early R & D institutions and CRO strategic partnership will be beneficial to accelerate the transformation and innovative drugs into the process of internationalization.  CRO receives the income after the new drug is successfully passed the application.  This collaboration model increases the confidence of the drug company and CRO will also receive more income.  Therefore, the risk-sharing collaboration model may be the future trend of collaboration between the research institutions or pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

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