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Medicilon's Clinical Pathology Laboratory Has Successfully Passed the External Quality Assessment!

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In May 2018, Medicilon’s clinical pathology laboratory passed the inspection of interventricular quality evaluation from Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory.

EQA (external quality assessment) is the process by which multiple laboratories analyze the same sample and collect and report the results from external independent agencies to evaluate laboratory operations.  It is an inter-laboratory comparison of calibration/detection capabilities and monitoring of their continued capabilities.

Shanghai Center for Clinical Laboratory is one of the earliest professional quality control centers in Shanghai, which is authorized by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning to carry out the quality supervision, guidance and service of the clinical laboratories in the city medical institutions.

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The laboratory quality assessment results demonstrated Medicilon the strong scientific research strength, excellent technical team and high-quality service management level.  This proved that Medicilon is always adhere to the implementation of strict operational requirements, systematic personnel capacity assessment standards and indoor quality control rules.  It is also the full recognition of the detection methods and testing capabilities of clinical pathology laboratory equipment.

There are 36 SOP related operations in Medicilon clinical pathology laboratory, covering the use, maintenance and verification of instruments and equipment. All laboratory personnel refer to SOP of the department for relevant experimental operations, and strictly abide by relevant technical standards and management standards.

The clinical Pathology Laboratory of the United States is currently equipped with 37 units, including 7 large-scale testing instruments and equipment, which include automatic Hematology Analyzer, automatic Coagulation Analyzer, automatic Biochemical Analyzer, automatic Urine Analyzer and Flow Cytometry.

Medicilon’s clinical pathology laboratory has 37 instruments and equipments.  Our 7 large-scale detection equipments include automatic blood analyzer, automatic coagulation analyzer, automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic urine analyzer and flow cytometer, etc.

The Clinical Pathology Laboratory Examination Project covers the toxicology studies routine test indicators, and all the data generated by the instrument are directly transmitted to the Provantis system to generate electronic data. The application of computerized system improves the accuracy of data, brings convenience and new work advantages for drug safety evaluation, and ensures the high efficiency, accuracy and reliability of detection data.

As one of the department of Medicilon, the clinical pathology laboratory will continue to provide more accurate and reliable data support for drug safety assessment studies.

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