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Medicilon held the Preclincial and IND Declaration Seminar in Chengdu, China

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Preclincial and IND Declaration
 Medicilon CEO Chun-Lin Chen
Medicilon CEO Chun-Lin Chen gave a speech during the seminar where he shared his experience on IND filling for both US and China.
 Professor Shuangqing Peng
Professor Shuangqing Peng had a topic on New Drug Safety Evaluation Approach.
Medicilon VP of DMPK and BA
Dr. Baomin Xin, Medicilon VP of DMPK and BA, shared his experience on big molecule analytical approach and future trend, shifting from Pharma to Biopharma.
Executive Director of DMPK
Dr. Fei Ma, Executive Director of #DMPK,  introduced a new idea of DMPK, including the ideal DMPK research model, DMPK activities during #Drug discovery.
Medicilon VP of Toxicology
Professor Xiaodong Zhang is #Medicilon VP of #Toxicology.
Director of Pharmacology
Dr. Zheyi Hu, Director of Pharmacology,  shared his experience on oncology animal models.

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