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2022 Memories | Medicilon Is For You

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63afe96f8a696.webpLooking back at Medicilon 2022

Even the most extraordinary days never stop moving forward

Because there is always light guiding us to move forward; there is always love, shining for a long time

Thank you for the moments and memories that link us together

This accumulates as the strength to forge ahead in the New Year

Walk Because of  Love
Express the Feelings with Responsibility

No man is an island; Medicilon believes that love is the best medicine in the world.

From March 13, 2022, 53 Medicilon technicians who can do PCR volunteered to participate in Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAATs).  In the end, Medicilon assisted the Shanghai NAAT team with an efficient, professional, and responsible working attitude.  Each person worked an average of 12 hours a day and completed a total of more than 200,000 sample tests!

In addition, Medicilon donated masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and other anti-epidemic materials to Shanghai University and China Pharmaceutical University Alumni Association, using the practical actions to overcome the difficulties together.

Love Let Us Walk Together

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In Promise
Fulfill Clients Promises with Persistence

On the evening of March 27, 2022, the researchers of Medicilon were not afraid of mental and physical suffering, worked overtime, competed for time, rushed for progress, and maintained quality to ensure research and development.  The Administration Department, EHS Department, Purchasing Department, Human Resources Department, are all performing their own duties, coordinating efficiently, and co-managing to build a solid logistics security line of defense.

It is they who minimize the impact of the epidemic on Medicilon's R&D services, provide strong support for the sustainable R&D of the project, and go all out to fulfill the client's promise.

Medicilon researchers stationed in retrograde.webp

Promise Let Us Persist

New Innovation
Exploring the New Trend of Medicine with Innovation

Innovation Driven, Quality First. Innovation has always been in Medicilon's DNA.

In 2022, Medicilon established several innovation service platforms such as new chemical high activity laboratory, nucleic acid drug bioanalysis platform, antibody drug discovery platform, stroke drug efficacy model platform, large animal drug efficacy model platform and cell & gene therapy drug R&D service platform.

Medicilon flow cytometer.webp

In addition, Medicilon actively promotes the integration and innovation of new drug R&D and AI, and has reached strategic cooperation with AI pharmaceutical companies such as Mindrank and Insilico Medicilon to achieve two-way empowerment and help more innovative drugs to be developed with higher quality and efficiency.

Medicilon actively promotes the integration and innovation of new drug research and development and AI artificial intelligence.webp

Medicilon Cooperate with Insilico.webp

New Let Us Develop

Broaden Service Boundaries with Territory

Medicilon's innovative drug maturation center was awarded the first batch of open innovation centers (GOI) of large enterprises in Pudong in 2022.webp

On August 23, Medicilon New Drug Open Innovation Center for Academians was awarded the first batch of large enterprise in 2022 Pudong Group Open Innovation (GOI).  The construction includes five modules: IP project management center, business consulting center, technology finance center, open innovation center and CRO management center.

Medicilon (Hangzhou), a subsidiary of Medicilon, opened.webp

On September 7, Medicilon (Hangzhou) Inc, a subsidiary of Medicilon, grandly opened.  Medicilon (Hangzhou) has a construction area of about 8,000 square meters. It will be built as a CRO research center and will introduce biological drugs and AI pharmaceuticals, focus on chemical drug synthesis research, compound synthesis, compound activity screening and other services.

Medicilon (Baoshan) starts construction.webp

On September 21, Medicilon’s subsidiary Medicilon (Baoshan) Inc. officially started construction.  Medicilon (Baoshan) Inc. has a total investment of RMB1.57 billion, covers an area of 66.9 acre, and has a total construction area of over 150,000 square meters.  Medicilon (Baoshan) Inc. will establish a complete one-stop drug R&D platform with the ability to lead domestic new drug research and innovation, and integrate multiple technology platforms to explore and form a higher level of scientific support for drug R&D and development pillars.

The main structure of the expansion project of the drug research and development laboratory in the Nanhui Park of Medicilon was capped.webp

On December 4, the main structure of the expansion project of the drug R&D laboratory in the Medicilon Nanhui Park was fully capped.  After the completed construction, this will comprehensively improve the technical service level of Medicilon in the field of new drug research and development.

Medicilon measures its growth with footsteps and shoulders the important mission of promoting the high-quality development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

Expand Let Us Open Up

Use Speed to Help Drugs Get Approved

In 2022, Medicilon participated in the research and development of new drugs and generic drug projects, with more than 100 projects were approved to enter clinical trials and 9 projects that participated in the R&D were approved for production.  This shows the speed of Medicilon with quantity.

Relying on its strong scientific research strength and market recognition, Medicilon has successively won the "Top 20 Most Influential CXO Enterprises", "Top 100 Listed Companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in 2022", "Top 100 Shanghai Emerging Industry Enterprises in 2022", " 2022 Shanghai Top 100 Growth Enterprises", "Top 30 Value Listed Companies on the Science and Technology Innovation Board", "2022 China Biomedical Technology Innovation Value List 'Most Influential and Innovative CXO Enterprise'" and other honorary titles.


Dream Make Us Grow

Team Work Activate Development Energy

In 2022, nearly 900 new employees joined the Medicilon family. With the dream of new drug research and development in their hearts, they started in Medicilon.

In 2022, nearly 900 new employees joined Medicilon.webp

A number of executives joined Medicilon one after another to help Medicilon develop and grow.

Strong Make Us United

Enrich Spiritual Culture With Activities

People from Medicilon not only have a rigorous scientific research temperament, but also a strong humanistic atmosphere.

Medicilon's Activities.webp

In 2022, the books of Medicilon Library have been updated many times.  The topics of the books include professional technology, management skills, professionalism, humanities and society, which recharge and strengthen the spirit of Medicilon people.  In addition, Medicilon established a dancing club, held a singing contest, employee speed dating event, and employee birthday parties to stimulate employees' cultural creativity and vitality, and enhance their sense of happiness and belonging.

Medicilon held a seminar.webp

In addition to enriching the cultural life of employees, Medicilon also disseminates scientific research spirit and technology in the form of forums to help the development of the biomedical industry. In 2022, Medicilon held some seminars and meetings worldwide including Seminar on "Helping Sail, Starting a New Era of Nucleic Acid Drugs", the inaugural meeting of the Cell Therapy Special Committee of the Shanghai Bioengineering Society and the first Cell and Gene Therapy Summit Forum 2022, BIFT China 2022-China Biopharmaceutical Innovation and Frontier Technology Summit, 2022 Zhangjiang AI Smart Medicine Forum and the 2nd AI R&D Innovation Forum, 2022 SAPA Healthcare Investment Forum, 2022 Longwood Healthcare Leaders Spring Meeting, as well as 14 online streaming courses.  Medicilon continuously promotes inter-industry exchanges and empower the future of the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicilon held a seminar-1.webp

Medicilon held a seminar-2.webp

Beauty Make Us Better

Love never ends, dream never stops

In 2023, Medicilon will enter its 19th year of development

We will start again with enthusiasm

Embark on a new journey together and inspire the future

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