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Medicilon-Phenomenex Chiral Segmentation Joint Laboratory Unveiling Ceremony

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Shanghai, China, October 15, 2020-Shanghai Medicilon and Phenomenex reached a strategic agreement to jointly build a chemistry laboratory for chiral interchange and further enhance the scientific research of Medicilon’s drug discovery platform, helping more customers with new drug research.

Medicilon’s drug discovery platform serves the early stages of new drug research and development projects, and is committed to helping customers obtain pharmaceutical substitute compounds through high-quality and efficient chemical and biological research services. Medicilon utilizes asymmetric synthesis technology, chiral decomposition and chiral separation technology to improve the efficiency of chiral drug research and development, which has advanced the chiral drugs of many leading pharmaceutical company to the next stage.

Medicilon-Phenomenex Chiral Segmentation Joint Laboratory Unveiling Ceremony
Medicilon-Phenomenex Chiral Segmentation Joint Laboratory Unveiling Ceremony

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Feng Ren, Senior Vice President of the Chemical and Biological Departments of Medicilon, said that chemical services have gone through 16 years with Medicilon’s development, and hope to use this opportunity to further expand and improve our services.

Shi Yang, President of Phenomenex China, said that he was honored to partner with Medicilon through the joint laboratory and share the same mission with Medicilon, contributing to human health.

About Phenomenex

As a part of the brand of Danaher Group’s life science platform, Phenomenex will comprehensively build a dual-brand integrated development road featuring the joint operation of local brands and imported brands. Through the comprehensive development of the dual-brand development strategy, Phenomenex will make full use of the complementary advantages of products to continuously enrich and expand its gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, sample preparation, separation and purification and preparation instrument product lines. Looking to the future, Phenomenex will continue to serve users in various industries with high-quality product quality, rapid technical support response and method development, and jointly help and accelerate the improvement of global health and happiness.

About Medicilon

Medicilon (stock code: 688202) was established in 2004 and is headquartered in Shanghai. It is committed to providing a full range of preclinical new drug research services for global pharmaceutical companies, research institutions and scientific researchers. Medicilon’s one-stop integrated service is based on Disney and domestic and foreign research. High-quality customers grow together and provide new drug research and development services for more than 700 customers around the world. Medicilon will continue to base itself on a global perspective, focus on innovation in China, and contribute to human health!

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