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Medicilon's Top 10 Greatest Achievements in 2020

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You may say that the Coronavirus Pandemic will define 2020.

You may say that 2020 has given us more than our fair share of challenges and obstacles.

But that doesn’t mean great achievements in 2020 didn’t occur!

Medicilon embodies its motto of being “Innovation-driven, quality-focused” and keeps on maintaining and improving its technology and quality of services. Among all the positive things occurred in 2020, we chose what we thought was the Top 10 Greatest Achievements, highlighting a successful and productive year Medicilon had in 2020.


NO.1 IND Filing & Consistency Evaluation

The pandemic didn’t slow down the cooperation between Medicilon and pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Many pharmaceutical companies have signed strategic cooperation service contracts with Medicilon, entrusting Medicilon to provide a full range of R&D services from drug discovery, CMC, preclinical research to IND filing with high quality and efficiency.

In 2020,

Approximately 38 innovative drug IND filing projects served by Medicilon were approved successfully;

Notably, one consistency evaluation of generic drugs were approved with biowaiver.

NO.2 Owning Nanhui Park

Medicilon officially took over Nanhui Park in 2020, which became the 3rd research base of Medicilon. The total construction area of Nanhui Park is above 52,000 square meters. Currently, our Drug Discovery and CMC labs have been placed in service. The GLP labs and the animal facility are also under construction and will be put into service in 2021.

In the future, Medicilon will corporate and allocate the resources in Zhangjiang, Chuansha and Nanhui site, bringing our services to the next level.


To further cope with the requirements of our clients, we have expanded our service scope in 2020 to cover the whole supply chain. We built more than 10,000 square meters of GMP drug pilot plant to offer CDMO services to our clients.

In 2020, Medicilon built

GMP Drug Substrate Pilot Plant with China & US Dual Filing Compliance. Whether it’s in grams or kilograms, our scalability is flexible to accommodate various needs.

GMP Drug Products Pilot Plant to meet the production and storage needs of Phase I and Phase II clinical samples.


NO.4 Immuno-oncology therapy evaluation models

Immuno-oncology therapy has become the core of cancer treatment research in recent years. Medicilon in 2020 developed pharmacology models that fit all immunotherapy research needs. Medicilon has successfully evaluated the immunotherapies of CAR-T, TCR-T, CAR-NK, oncolytic viruses, antibodies, siRNA, AAV.


PROTAC (proteolysis-targeting chimera) was brought back to spotlight by Arvinas by stating positive clinical data of its PROTAC product.

To fully support the development of PROTAC technology, Medicilon has built a broad PROTAC compound library as the preparation for fast PROTAC assembly. Accordingly, we established comprehensive screening assay for PROTAC, utilizing Fusion protein expression and BiFC (dual fluorescent molecule complementary) technologies.

In 2020, cGeneTech and Medicilon signed an integrated package research cooperation project based on PROTAC technology. The two parties will once again join forces to strive for the successful development of PROTAC technology.

NO.6 Refining on analysis service

Medicilon’s DMPK department is committed to providing high-quality and in-depth DMPK services with a shortened turnaround time, delivering test results within 5 working days.

In 2020, we completed DMPK/ADME screening tests for nearly 10,000 compounds.

In 2020, we introduced the brand new Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Hf-X Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer (QE-HF-X). It combines a high-resolution, accurate-mass (HRAM) ultra-high-fi eld Orbitrap mass analyzer, high capacity transfer tube with electrodynamic ion funnel and high performance quadrupole precursor ion selection to deliver unsurpassed speed and first class sensitivity.

NO. 7 Innovative Delivery Technologies

In toxicology research, we developed integrated evaluation research strategies for different innovative drugs such as inhaled drugs and ophthalmic drugs.

Our inhalation research team introduces aerosol inhalation drug delivery devices for rodents and canines. The drug delivery is participated by real-time monitoring and adjustment systems for particle-size, air flow and drug concentrations to ensure the accuracy of the delivery process.

Our ophthalmology research platform integrates advanced drug delivery technology and sophisticated devices, including Heidelberg laser ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, Roland ocular electrophysiological diagnostic system, and Fundus camera equipment.qyesh

NO.8 Glory

As can be seen, Medicilon consistently strove to innovate and develop in 2020. And the effort we made has been noticed and accredited by the pharmaceutical industry.

In 2020, Medicilon and its scientific teams has been honored with

  • Shanghai Pudong and Technology Award (By Shanghai Pudong Government)

  • 2020 Top 20 Chinese R&D CRO Companies (By 2020 Conference on High Quality Development of Healthcare Industry)

  • The most potential demonstration case of developing enterprise (By China International Service Trade Fair)

  • Best Listed Company for Sustainable Investment Value (By Public Securities News)

  • 2020 TOP 10 Innovative CRO in China (By The 13th China Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference 2020)

In addition, we also received compliments from our working partners. ABM Therapeutics and Beijing Joykai both expressed their approval and gratitude after cooperating with Medicilon. Meanwhile, they wish more in-depth cooperation in the future utilizing Medicilon’s high-quality resources for assistance.

No.9 Warmth

The beginning of 2020 was extremely freezing in temperature, and even more so in people’s mind because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Medicilon stepped forward in times of crisis and took on social responsibility, bringing warmth and care to the coldness.

February 1st2020, Medicilon donated one million Yuan to CRCF (China Red Cross Foundation) to alleviate the severe situation in Wuhan.

In 2020, we helped two projects of COVID-19 vaccines with their preclinical research. As a pharmaceutical CRO, we never stopped looking for answers, answers.

NO.10 Medicilon Family

In 2020, despite the influence of the pandemic, Medicilon’s scientific research team continued to expand.  Currently, Medicilon has more than 1,600 employees, increasing 400 compared to last year.

Last but not least, we wish you a Happy New Year!

See you all in 2021.

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