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Professor Zhu Jianhua, was employed to work for Medicilon

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Professor Jianhua Zhu, the former director of the Department of Pharmacy at Fudan University, was employed to work for Medicilon starting from Oct 2014.  Professor Zhu is the expert on isotope-labeled protein and antibody pharmacokinetic researches.  With the leadership of Dr. Zhu, Medicilon has the ability to provide the isotope-labeled protein and antibody pharmacokinetic services.  Medicilon still has the collaboration with Fudan University on the related projects.

Professor Zhu graduated at Fudan University in 1976, majoring in Radiochemistry.  Professor Zhu obtained his master degree in radiochemistry at Peking University.  Professor Zhu served as deputy director of the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and director of the department of radiation of Fudan University.  Professor Zhu was also the doctoral tutor. 

Professor Zhu was the specialist on radiopharmaceuticals.  He mainly focuses on radioactive drug research and radionuclide tracer technology.  Professor Zhu wrote 2 textbooks.

Professor Zhu was awarded the “Stated ‘Eight-Five’ Technology Research of Major Scientific and Technological Achievements”, which is issued by the National Development and Reform Commission, State Scientific and Technological Commission and Ministry of Finance in 1996.

Professor Zhu participated in two 973 Program.  The main research topic for the first program was “oriented nano-based drug delivery system and its application in the treatment of brain diseases and diagnosis” from 2007-2014.  The research topic for second program was “endogenous metabolites hydrogen sulfide and mediate physiological and pathological mechanisms of cardiac protein target molecule interactions and mechanisms” from 2010-2014.

Professor Zhu also serves as council member of Shanghai Nuclear Society and deputy director of Experimental Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Medicine Committee of Shanghai Nuclear Society.  Professor Zhu is also the member of editorial board of “Chinese Journal of Nuclear Medicine” and “Nuclear Techniques”.

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